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NBA 2K17 Passing Badge Analysis: How Effective is Dimer?

nba 2k17 passing badge analysis

Have you ever wondered to what extent does each badge affect various stats in NBA 2K17? The team at NBA2K Lab has gone about answering the question in a scientific way and brought their results to us. Today we are going over the passing badges–most notably the dimer badge.

In this test, we learned about how the different dimer badges affect shooting percentages. The test involves them using John Stockton for passes using the Hall of Fame badge, Rajon Rondo for Gold, Jeff Teague for Bronze, and Victor Oladipo for no badge. For the shooters, they used LeBron James and Jimmy Butler, as both had the same shooting stats.

With all of this set up, they then 1,000 3 point shots following a pass from each badge. The results are enough to make a difference, as there was just over an 11% increase between the Hall of Fame badge and not having a badge at all. This emphatically proves that the passing badges does indeed make an impact around the perimeter.

Here is a video showing how they set up the test, so that you can replicate the results yourself, or try other combinations.

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