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NBA 2K17 Passing Tutorial: How to Master Passing

NBA 2K17 Passing Tutorial

Welcome back to another NBA 2K17 tutorial, where today we go over the different types of passes you can do and when to best pull them off in NBA 2K17.

Normal Pass

And you do that by moving the left stick towards the player you want to pass to, then hit either A or X to pass it.  This is the most neutral kind of pass there is.

Bounce Pass

To achieve this, you aim the left stick towards who you want to pass it to and then hit B or Circle on the controller to achieve the bounce pass. Purpose of a bounce pass is their harder to intercept, a perfect one would have the ball hitting the ground right as it passes the defender.

Overhead Skip Pass

And you do this by aiming to the area you want to pass the ball to with the left stick and then hit Y or Triangle on your controller. I say pass to the area, because the overhead skip pass will literally skip over the closer player in favor of the one further away if there are both in the same line of vision of the ball handler. It’s best used when the guy furthest from you is the one open and you don’t want to risk wasting that extra second having to pass the ball twice for it to get to him.

Fake Pass

To do this you hit both Y and B or Triangle and Circle. It’s best used when you’re driving into the lane, as it can sometimes fake out a defender and thus create an open shot for you.

Icon Pass

To do it you press RB or R1 to bring up their icons and then select who you want to pass it to and you can even lead whoever you pass it to in any direction with the left stick before you hit their icon.

Flashy Pass

To pull off the sports center highlight reel passes, you aim the left stick towards who you want to pass it to and double tap B or Circle to throw the pass. The better the passer, the more accurate these types of passes are.

Jump Pass

To do a jump pass, you hit X and A or Square and X. It’s funny, coaches tell guys to don’t leave your feet to pass, yet here we are. The benefit whoever is these type of passes get a higher arch on them, making them harder to intercept.


To throw an Oop, you aim the left stick towards who you want to throw the pass to, then double tap Y or Triangle. You want to make sure the guy your about to throw it to has a clean lane to the hoop or else his pass will get blocked and you’ll either throw it out of bounds or right to the defense.

Self Alley-Oop

To Throw an Oop to yourself, you aim the left stick towards the hoop then double tap Y or Triangle on your controller. Just like the regular alley-oop, actually more so…you want to be sure you have no roadblocks stopping you from being able to pull the move off.

Dribble Pitch

To do so, you aim the left stick at who you want to receive the ball, then hold B or Circle to make him come towards you, where he will receive the pass on the move. Receiving the ball on the move can make slow guys seem fast and fast guys nearly unguardable.

Lead To The Basket

To lead a player you aim the left stick towards the player you want to make cut and hold Y or Triangle to make him cut to the basket and let go of the button to pass it. You want to break this out if you notice a defender is playing tight coverage on the perimeter. It’s a 3 point shooters counter to aggressive defenders on the perimeter.

Touch Pass

To attempt a touch pass, you aim the left stick at the player you want to pass the ball to and press A or X and before the initial guy receives the ball you hit A or X again. And what happens is the first guy will get rid of the ball immediately after. Guys in real life use this to defeat rotating defenses, so they’re not wasting precious time and can guarantee an open shot.

Give and Go

To pull off a give and go, hold A or X to pass the ball (that’s the most important part HOLD A or X) and once the player receives the pass you will notice you still have control of the initial ball handler and from here you can wiggle around, drive to the basket, anything to beat the defender and when you think your open and ready to receive the pass back let go of the A or X button.

Rolling Inbound

To do so, you hit Y or Triangle. You use this when you need to save time on the block, because the clock doesn’t start until you touch the ball. Just make sure nobody’s lurking behind you ready to intercept the ball or you will look a little silly……….trust me I know.

Alright people, hope I helped you understand the different type of passes you have at your disposal and that you can now begin to pull any of them off with no hesitation.

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