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NBA 2K17 Patch 1.05 – Did It Make My Park Great Again?

NBA 2K17 Released Patch 1.05 last night and it fixed a ton of issues that have been in the game since release but weren’t corrected in the last patch that 2K put out. Although the patch addressed all the game modes the game has to across the board I decided to just take a look at patch fixed that affected the MyCareer and its inner game modes MyPark and Pro-Am. The 3 Main Fixes I speak on are the Illegal Screen fix, the rebounding physics fix, and the pro am free throw camera glitch.

One of the main fixes for park players that this patch provides has easily got to be the illegal screen fix. In case any of you were unaware because you haven’t played much multiplayer, up until this patch there was no such as a moving screen in this game. No matter how obvious or aggressively you ran up to do your screen with out setting your feet as the screen man the game would never call it. Somehow during 2K managed to take that rule completely out the game as if Draymond Green himself developed it. This I’m sure affected everyone but mostly park and pro am players the most due to it being a game mode in which users will get to play a lot of off ball offense therefore having the freedom to do these moving screens at will with no consequences. This made having a sharpshooter in the game almost unstoppable since they all have the range of Steph Curry from the 3pt line. No matter how great you are at playing defense you aren’t avoiding 2 players doing moving screens beside you all game to get your man open for a deep 3. So if the moving screens are actually fixed with this patch then the entire park and pro am community (other than the ones who abused this of course) will rejoice and be a lot less fearful of all the sharpshooters and stretch bigs in the game.

The second fix revolves around the ball turning into a beach ball every time someone takes a shot in the game. For some reason 2k changed up the physics on the ball hitting the rim this year and it resulted in a very high percentage of missed shots ending up with the ball going out of bound or all the way back to the 3pt line. This made being a dominant rebounding glass center seem a lot less rewarding since the ball was bouncing right back to the back court for half the game. It generally came down to who was faster and could get to the lose ball quicker as opposed to who actually was a good rebounder. The patch will now take care of this so we get more realistic basketball bounces off the front of the rim and should make glass-cleaners feel a lot more valuable in the paint.

The third fix is going to be a pro am glitch that was being abused once a player went to the free throw line. Once a player went to the free throw line the opposing team would just simply cause a timeout and 2k would forget to bring the camera back to the free throw shooter after the break. It happened in pro am and all star team up I know from personal experience and I am sure it worked in myteam as well. The camera would pan around the sidelines during both of the players free throw shots causing you to have to rely on muscle memory instead of looking at the shot meter or your players wrist during the attempts. It could cost players games if the other team just decided to hack the big man and never give him a chance to actually make his free throws. With the patch I assume they decided to just fix the camera panning no matter how many timeouts were called. This should make all players feel a lot less nervous about getting fouled during key moments of online games.

Feel free to let me know how you all feel about this patch and if it fixed all the things you were having issues with or if there were some things you felt 2K shouldn’t have touched. Twitter @xTheFamousKingx

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