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NBA 2K17 Ratings: Top 5 WORST Rated Power Forwards

NBA 2K17 Ratings Worst Power Forwards Shawn Kemp

Every year in every sports game, there are players that are given ratings that either horribly overrate or undermine just how good that player is in real life, sometimes to the point where if you met the person who made the ratings you’d ask, “do you even watch the sport?”, and of course 2K couldn’t avoid this issue either as they have some head scratchers of their own, so of course we gotta call it out, so in Part 4 of our 5 Part series we’re going go over our Top 5 Worst Power Forward Ratings in NBA 2K17…

5. Ryan Anderson (77 Overall)

It’s weird to even classify Ryan Anderson as a Power Forward, because the way he plays is so hilariously ironic. He swears he’s like a 6-10 Steph Curry with some of the shots he takes, but to his credit he makes a good amount of them. He’s one of the few bigs in the league that can casually make step-back three pointers while giving you a quick 20 piece, this is the first season in a while that he’s been consistently heathy, leading to him averaging 14 points and 5 rebs while shooting 40% from three as a member of the high flying D’Antoni offense. Hell, he’s almost shooting a higher percentage from three than from 2 in this offense, and his overall should reflect his new level of bucket getting.

4. Draymond Green (86 Overall)

It’s hard to quantify in ratings form what Draymond Green does for the Warriors. He’s a yearly Defense Player of the Year candidate, and one of the best passing bigs in the league. Hell, he got a triple double the other night without scoring 10 points. He’s a jack of all trades type of player, but he does them all at an extremely high level. But per 2K, he’s the same as LaMarcus Aldridge. On his own team Klay Thompson is three ratings points higher than him and the Warriors would be worse off if Green suddenly disappeared than Klay. 2K please adjust this man’s rating.

3. Larry Johnson (83 Overall)

To their credit, 2K has almost all the current day Power Forwards properly rated, so instead let’s take a dip into the legends. Grand Mamma, at his peak, was far from an 83. In his Knick years, yea sure. But young LJ? Oh no, no, no he was not a player you would consider worse than Al Horford. 2K ratings guy acting as if the Larry Johnson after they took his skills in Space Jam was the real LJ. Just for reference, he averaged 22 PTS, 10 REBS and 5 ASTS that season. How many players in the league average that this year? Dude was a beast that season and alongside young Zo, Lil Mugsy’, Wardell Curry Sr. and Kendall Gill, this team had the city buzzing….haha get it??

2. Amare Stoudemire (88 Overall)

Stat in his Phoenix hay day was another level of highlight reel; h’s another person that got some serious shine in the infamous D’Antoni offense and along with Steve Nash formed the most dangerous pick and roll tandem since Stockton/Malone. Before his 2010 Knick campaign that got him some real MVP looks, this was his best year as a pro, averaging 26 PTS and 9 REBS with 1 block and 1 steal for good measure. An 88 is a respectable rating and I may be nit picking on this one, but for how many games this team won and the numbers they put up, Amare should be at least knocking on that 90 door alongside Nash.

1. Shawn Kemp (88 Overall)

I feel like there are people who just read this name and are ready to testify in church. One would imagine that The Raiman would be one of the most fun players to use in a basketball game, but that hasn’t been the case for a few years. 2K consistently got his game wrong and his in-game ability always came down to how overpowered dunk animations were that year. This year, he finally has a better all-around offensive game; however, his stats are still undershot. Mind you, this is the year that Kemp was storming on the league with 20, 11, 1 steal, 1 block and even shot 41 % from the three-point line. Not to mention he was out here dunking on fools and pointing at them afterwards. The only answer for Kemp during the team’s entire playoff run was Rodman. And even then, Rodman didn’t consistently stop him.This man was the original Blake Griffin and The Sonics were the original Lob City. Show respect to one of the most polarizing players of the 90’s.

Who do you think should have made the list instead leave a comment down below and stay tuned for more NBA 2K17 content to come, so subscribe to our Youtube here.

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