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NBA 2K17 Ratings: Top 5 WORST Rated Small Forwards

NBA 2K17 Ratings Small Forwards

Every year in every sports game, there are players that are given ratings that either horribly overrate or undermine just how good that player is in real life, sometimes to the point where if you met the person who made the ratings you’d ask, “do you even watch the sport”, and of course 2K couldn’t avoid this issue either as they have some head scratchers of their own, so of course we gotta call it out, so in Part 3 of our 5 Part series we’re going go over our Top 5 Worst Small Forward Ratings in NBA 2K17…

5. Harrison Barnes (83 Overall)

With Dirk’s career sadly coming to an end on a horrible Mavs team, they’ve put the franchise in the hands of the Christian Laettner of the 2016 Olympic Team, Harrison Barnes. However, Barnes has actually played better than many people thought he would, and looks like the guy who deserved to be drafted 7th Overall. It’s even crazier when you remember the Warriors were basically giving him away for free, to get Durant. He’s by far having the best season of his career and isn’t much higher rated than he was last year. To be honest, at some point during the Dubs 73 win season, he may have been higher.  Like I said, I know his team sucks, but the guy who will be in the running for Most Improved should get a bigger bump on his overall for basically putting the Mavs on his back as he scores 20 a game.

4. Jabari Parker (83 Overall)

After tearing his ACL in his rookie year, the young buck or baby Melo is what I called him at Duke, took the proper time to heal and come back stronger than before. And this season he’s made the jump upping his scoring by 6 points and flirting with 50 percent from the field and 40 from 3. I can understand a 20 PPG scorer being rated a low to mid 80, but with how consistent he’s been as the tag team partner of the Greek Freek, he should be on the higher end of that scale.

3. Andrew Wiggins (81 Overall)

It’s ironic that next up on the list is the person that was made out to be Jabari’s rival in their lone season of college ball. The drama of that draft was who would be #1 and who would be #2, but now Wiggins is 2 points worse than (according to 2K). Despite both averaging around the same amount of points, assist and rebounds. Not to mention, Maple Jordan messed around and dropped 47 in a game this year. Kobe even deemed him a “young version of himself.” And to top it off he actually went down, he was an 82, what’s going on here. Wait, oh and he just hit a game winner on Phoenix cmon 2k….

2. Dominique Wilkins (90 Overall)

At first glance, one may look at this and say: “how can he be wrongly rated, he’s a 90.” For the youngin’s out there who don’t know, Nique was a lot more than just a dunker. Other than three point shooting, he was as all around of a scorer as you could get; the finishing, the post game, the mid-range and the clutch, A testament to that is the fact that he’s 13th on the NBA’s all time scoring list (26, 668 Points). And the year this Neke is based on averaged 30 a game I mean cmon. Furthermore, in most conversations you can find of Nique talking about his game, you’ll almost always hear him bring up the fact that you can’t score 26,000 points just off dunks. At the least, his mid-range should be tuned up a bit because there are bigs with higher jumpshot ratings than him.

1. Paul George (88 Overall)

This one hurts to say but it had to be said: there have been points this season where Paul George has looked like Shabazz Muhammad, and some guys he just looks like he hates life right now. He and the entire Pacers team have picked it up as of late but he’s had more mediocre games than good ones this year. Very Melo-like. Let’s just put it out there that’s he’s averaging 22 PTS, 6 REB and 3 AST this year while shooting 45% FG from the field  38% from three. Now, remind yourself of what the former #1 and #2 draft picks on this list are averaging and what their overalls are, my point exactly. That cover boy treatment is no joke bruh, so it makes sense why Paul “The future Sixer” George sits atop Sports Gamers Online #1 Worst Small Forward Ratings List.

Who do you think should have made the list instead leave a comment down below and stay tuned for more NBA 2K17 content to come, so subscribe to our Youtube here.

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