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NBA 2K17 Shooting Analysis: Best Releases, Hot Zones & Shooting Streaks

nba 2k17 shooting analysis

In today’s NBA 2K17 Analysis we will look at the factors that can affect shooting accuracy. NBA2K Labs have tested the offensive consistency statistic by having a player with a 99 in the stat vs a player with a 25. Taking 400 jump shots from the top of the key, measuring their shot percentages, average streaks, and their max streak. While there is a definite rise in percentage, it does look to be slightly negligible given the huge gap between the two players.

99 82.5% 52.25% 4.38 18
25 78.75% 49.5% 3.57 12

They also took deep 2 point shots with a player with a 99 3 point rating and a 25 2 point rating. Their results found that the 3 point rating does have an effect on deep 2 point shots.


What about moving mid-range shots? They took 400 of these each with a player with a 99 standing mid-range rating and a player with a 25 mid-range rating. The results from this test proved that the difference between the two were so negligible that the stat has no impact on moving mid-range shots.

They also have taken jumpshots with each of the different form. They took 250 shots from the same spot with each release. As you can see with the stats below Damian Lillard’s jumpshot release came out on top, with Lamarcus Aldridge nestled at the bottom.

Also taken were 400 uncontested 3 point shots with ratings between 65 and 90. Each rating had a marked difference between each other, with each rating mark affecting the the accuracy by an average of 6 percent.

65 36.2%
70 51.6%
75 55%
80 62.2%
85 67%
90 74.8%

You might also want to be aware of where you’re shooting on the floor, because hot and cold zones have a major effect on your shots. Taking 500 shots inside the hot zones, cold zones, and normal zones each, there was a massive 30 percent difference between the hot and cold zone.

Hot 70.4% 70%
Normal 62.6% 29.8%
Cold 40% 0%

After having done the tests for standing and moving mid-range shots, they also did a test on standing a moving 3 point shots. To do this, they took 500 shots of each type with a shooter that has an 80 rating in both standing and moving 3 point shots. As expected, you would be best to set up standing shots when possible, as there is a steep decline between standing shots and each moving type of shot.

Standing 62.2% 52.4%
Step Back 48.8% 11.2%
Pull Up 51% 10.6%
Running 44.8% 9.2%

Finally, they decided to take a look at whether the shooting hand makes a difference. They took 400 shots with each hand with shooters of an equal rating. While the difference is negligible, it does appear that left handed shooters have a slight advantage over righties.

Left 65.5% 39.25%
Right 64.25% 43.75%


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