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NBA 2K17 Tips: How To Change Your MyPlayer Character

NBA 2K17 Tips MyPlayer

NBA 2K17 offers players customization options for attributes, skill sets, appearance, jerseys, courts, arena’s and more than 1,500 designs in accessories. These NBA 2K17 Tips will show you how to reset or edit your MyPlayer Character in NBA 2K17 after creating him. Checkout the video walkthrough above as well!

  1. From the NBA 2K17 main menu
  2. Options/Features
  3. Select My Player Appearance
  4. Edit your previously created MyPlayer.
  5. Be sure to save as you exit!


Entering the Vitals menu, you can change the players name if you put something random in here when you first started the game or you feel like changing stuff up and change your favorite team which affects what team your on when you enter play now and looking at team rosters.

Head Presets

The Head Presets give you 24 pre made faces to choose from, if you don’t like sitting down and customizing the million things you can do to your players face

Scan Your Face

If you have a Kinect, you want to go to the Scan Your Face menu  to put yourself in the game.

Straight On/Profile Sculpting

Straight on and Profile Sculpting determines how wide or close you want your eyes, nose, mouth, chin to be.


In Features, you can change how light or dark you want your character, his eye color, how his eyes look. Here you can give your character those Martin Lawrence ears, how pronounced you want your characters cheeks to be, the size of his lips, chin and brow. You can even change the style of unevenness to your face and rounding it out you can put blemishes, discolorations, freckles and pock marks on your MyPlayer.


Clicking on the Hair menu, you can play around with the wide variety of hairstyles 2k has afforded us and the hair color of your choosing.

Facial Hair

In the Facial Hair section, you can give your guy them bushy eyebrows, a unibrow or no eyebrows at all, go through 34 different beard styles, give you’re guy a little stubble, the pork chop or pencil sideburns, 8 different mustaches ranging from the 14 year old boy mustache to the porn stache, and lastly you can change the color whatever crazy combination you came up with.


And lastly the tattoo’s that you buy from the 2k Store will show up here, where you’ll be able to place them at one of 7 different locations on your body.

So alright guys, hoped I helped you location this menu and where each of the menus inside it are. And if you like our content there’s more to come so make sure to subscribe if you don’t want to miss any.

Need help or have other NBA 2K17 questions? Let us know in the comments below or on social media! Also be sure to check out our other NBA 2K17 Tips on the site here.

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