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NBA 2K17 Tips: How to Score With Pick & Roll

nba 2k17 tips score with pick and roll

Today we have new NBA 2K17 Tips breaking down the Pick & Roll. We show you how to have proper spacing in your offense and score easily in NBA 2K17.

Players have made careers out of executing this basketball play, and it’s an easy way to get your offensively challenged big men easy looks at the hoop.

To begin, you activate the pick and roll by either holding the LB or L1 button, and the power forward or center—or if you’re handling the ball with the power forward, the small forward or center (the closest to the player you’re controlling) will come over and provide a screen. You can then let go of the button any time after he starts running to you.

The other way is to tap the LB or L1 button and from here, you hold the icon of the player you want to screen for you. You also can let go of the button any time after he starts coming towards you.

Now, instead of letting go, if you continue to hold the screener’s button, you can control whether he executes a pick and pop with the fade option by hitting RB or R1, which you want to use if you have a big man who can shoot. On the other hand, the pick and roll is the default action in this situation. Hitting RT or R2 changes the direction your teammate screens for you. This can be used to catch your opponent off guard.

Once you’ve decided what the screen man is doing and the side he’s screening for you, your job is to run your defender into him. When you run around, try to limit the space between you and the screen man, so the defender is forced to get stuck on him or go under.

Once you’ve made it around the screen, you want to look to see if the coast is clear to shoot. You want to see if you can drive to the hole which this depends on how far back the screener’s defender happens to be, or if you have enough space to pass to an open teammate. If these options are taken away, you want to start to look towards your screen guy. If you notice he has a clear lane, you can drive towards the net with him for a 2 on 1 situation. On the other hand, if you want your screen ma to fade, give him the ball quickly–before the defense can recover.

There are many ways the defense can stop your pick and roll:

  • They can go over the screen and take away the space you want to create, which is why it’s important to limit the space they have in the first place to move.
  • They can throw a soft or hard hedge to slow you down as you go around the corner.
  • The defenders can ice the screen, which completely blocks you from going around the corner.
  • They can also switch the screen and completely neutralize the pick and roll.

You don’t want to force the issue against ices and hedges because the compute will pop out automatically if you give it a second. At that point, you can simply switch the screen to the other side.

There’s a reason the pick and roll is the most common play in the NBA—because it works. More specifically, it can cause the defense to break down in a hurry if executed properly.

We hope these tips can help you to pick apart defenses in NBA 2K17. For more helpful NBA 2K17 Tips be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here.

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