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NBA 2K17 Tips & Tricks: Best Post Up Money Plays in NBA2K

NBA 2K17 Tips & Tricks Demarcus Cousins

Today I’m going to show you some of the best post up plays in NBA 2k17 that combine on balls screens, off ball screens on top of off ball screens with a player posting up to give you plenty of options to successfully put the ball in the hoop. Be sure to checkout the video above for more details and subscribe to our Youtube channel here.

93 Punch 25

93 Punch 25 is a simple play, your perimeter player receivers an off-ball screen for a three-point attempt, and if he can’t get open you pass it down low for an ISO with your big man. The thing about this play is, because your other big is parked at the 3pt line, if you have a power forward or center on your team that can shoot, the big down low can enjoy all the space he’s given.

04 Punch 4 Quick

The play begins with the big you called the play for setting a screen for one of your perimeter players as he runs towards the three-point line. If covered from here you have two options, pass it back to the initial ball handler for an open shot if his defender gets caught on the off-ball screen, or pass it down low to the big man to get to work. But it isn’t over yet, you’ll have another chance at an open perimeter shot, because the guy who just passed the big the ball will receive a screen from the guy on the perimeter.

04 Punch 15

You start by passing it down low to the big man and you can take advantage of the space down low immediately by attacking the basket ASAP or wait a second and then you’ll have two options. The first, is a three-point opportunity from an off-ball screen, then the initial ball handler cutting to the hoop. But don’t worry, if you don’t pass it to the cutter he’ll clear out to the other side so you can continue to get busy down low.

06 Punch 35 Quick

To start off, the ball handler will receive a screen where you can pull up for a shot or drive if it’s there. If the screen is a bust, an off-ball screen on the other side of the court will develop quickly, he’ receiving the screen almost the same time you’re receiving yours so judge if you can an open shot off your screen quick. Now, If the off-ball screen doesn’t come open you want to pass it back to the initial ball handler and the slick thing is they’ll try another screen with a different player this time, this move can catch a lot of people off guard. Now for some odd reason neither guy came open you toss it down lot to the big man to go to work.

90 Punch 25 Chin

You start it off by passing it to the other big man at the top of the key and from here the initial ball handler will attempt to run his man into you as a screen, only pass it to him if his defender does indeed get stuck. If that doesn’t happen, you look to the other side of the court for the off-ball screen hoping to spring open a three- pointer and if he can’t get enough space toss it to your big man down low.

I hope these plays help expand your offensive game, you can build around your big man but don’t halt your whole offense to get him his post ups. Letting it come within the flow of the offense is the best way to go about it.

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