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NBA 2K17 Top 5 Teams to Avoid Using Online

NBA 2K17 Top 5 Teams to Avoid Using Online

Today I’m going to take about teams in general, and those who look good on paper, but if you want to win consistently you’re walking into a trap. So here’s our Top 5 teams to avoid using online in NBA 2K17.

5. Detroit Pistons

If your play style is to rain 3’s at will, don’t ever use this team. The one 3-point shooter I thought they had in Leuer is only a 74 and Jackson is their only starter who has more than 1 hot zone from 3, but then you look and he has 4 cold zones inside the arc, so you’re better off shooting 3’s or just taking it all the way to the hoop with him, then trying remember if you landed on blue, but even still this bullshit could happen. Drummond their best player by far, gets boards all day of course but your scared shitless whenever he’s fouled and the constant fear of not embarrassing yourself whenever you try and post up with him is always there and he can’t even block shots. He’s an 86 rated Reggie Evans as far as I’m concerned. Out of the starters, your best hope is to hope Morris and Caldwell-Pope get hot from outside.

4. Boston Celtics

Using the Celtics, you can go vintage Allen Iverson as much as you want with Isaiah Thomas, but outside of him and Avery Bradley and Crowder’s spot up shooting this team has very serious flaws that can easily get you beat if Thomas most of all doesn’t score more than half your points (and there’s only so much a 5-9 player can do) First off is their team is soft down low, you can feel it with them. Their best big man in Horford is a jumper shooter, who can’t finish inside at a high rate if you tried unless he’s wide open and don’t get me started on their other bigs. You have no reason to play Amir Johnson and Olynk and Jerebko are just tall shooting guards. Which leads me to the next fact, you’re going to get killed on the boards using the Celtics just accept that going in. If you can’t rebound majority of your games are going to be close, despite the Celtics having one of the better players in the league now in Thomas. Like for real, play a team like the Kings and tell me Cousins won’t get 30 and 20. And lastly their bench sucks, normally teams have a nice backup point guard who can shoot but Boston best 2 backup point guards and their #3 draft pick in Brown lay bricks everywhere I mean forreal……. you’re basically reduced to holding on and not get blown out when the bench mob comes in.

3. Orlando Magic

I mean Serge Ibaka is their best player, he’s nice as hell as a spot up shooter in 2k don’t get me wrong but that’s it, and this guy is their best player. That can’t be, especially when the main facilitator on the team is Elfrid Payton. Like forreal, what player in the 2k universe knowingly sends help off Serge Ibaka to stop Elfrid Payton? Actually, there is no reason to even play him, unless he’s like your cousin in real life or something. Start Augustin instead, so you can give yourself somewhat of a chance. The way the team is set up, you have to play through Vucevic with Ibaka and Fournier getting the shots whenever the defense over commits. But if the opponent decides to just commit to guarding the Magic outside shooters no matter what, your reduced to Vucevic post ups and Elfrid Payton out there embarrassing himself. …Oh, and don’t get me started on Aaron Gordon….

2. Chicago Bulls

People try and get ahead of the curve in a lot of things, the Oakland A’s stacked guys who could get on base, the Spurs invested in Euro scouting. The Bulls signed every single player who can’t shoot in the league to be on their team and then they traded for Michael Carter-Williams. So, you already know why their on the list. Doug McDermott, their best 3-point shooter plays the same position as the Bulls best player, so you got to play Wade and Butler down a position to even get something called spacing on this team and you’re doing that for a player with only 83 open 3. It’s that bad on this team. If you want to drive with Wade or Butler you’re going to meet Lopez or Gibson’s defending when you do because their standing in the lane, but the bright side is Lopez will grab all the bricks this team will accumulate.

1. Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder, are a poor man’s Celtics as currently constructed. For the athleticism that Westbrook brings to be able to dunk over any and everybody, he’s not a shooter, or I’ll just say not a consistent one. Especially from 3, where he’s below average for a point guard and has 3 cold zones to overcome. So when a guy you expect to have the ball nearly 100% of the time, is limited to mid range and drives to the hoop, we call that DeMar DeRozan. Post Moves on the Thunder are thrown out the window, so using them basically comes down to a Westbrook/Adams pick and roll or a Westbrook pass or panic shot (lets be real it’s probably a shot) with 2 seconds left in the shot clock after you couldn’t cross the guy over. Your best options from 3 to receive those panic passes are your rookie Sabonis with 83 open 3 , Jerami Grant and Anthony Morrow who is your best shooter with 80 open and 90 contest , but this is what he looks like on defense, so is it worth it? Adams and a healthy Kanter are Bulls-esque in their dominance on the offensive glass, but the Thunder can get dominated on the defensive glass, unless you get Westbrooks 89 defensive rebound rating in there of course. I played somebody a while ago who had Oladipo and Kanter lead the 2nd unit, while they did their thing with Westbrook and the rest of the crew, which isn’t bad. I mean Oladipo isn’t going to touch the ball much anywhere when Westbrook is on the court right. Using the Thunder breeds this hectic style many try to immolate in how Westbrook plays in real life, which makes sense, but he’s not the type of shooter Steph, Kyrie, Thomas are so you can force him into low percentage shots that he can’t hit often unless 2k feels like letting him score over 5 guys in the paint and without a low post threat, your 2nd and only other hope for consistent scoring is the Oladipo mid-range show. So, it makes sense why the Oklahoma City Thunder sit atop Sports Gamers Online Top 5 Teams to Avoid Using Online in NBA 2K17.

Alright people, do you agree with the list? If I put your team on there you can cuss me out down in the comments. Is there another team you feel shoulda made the list instead let us know! Expect more NBA 2K17 content soon, so subscribe to our Youtube Channel if you haven’t so you don’t miss anything.

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