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NBA 2K17 Top 5 WORST Point Guard Ratings

Every year in every sports game, there are players that are given ratings that either horribly overrate or undermine just how good that player is in real life, sometimes to the point where if you met the person who made the ratings you’d ask, “do you even watch the sport”, and of course 2K couldn’t avoid this issue either as they have some head scratchers of their own, so of course we gotta call it out, so in Part 1 of our 5 Part series we’re going go over our Top 5 Worst Point Guard Ratings in NBA 2K17, alright let’s do it

  1. Brandon Knight (76 Overall)

If you ignore his tendency to end up on your favorite players poster, Knight is actually a pretty good young player.  Was he worth Phoenix trading a potential Top 10 pick for? No…. but this is a guy who has averaged 17 per the last 3 seasons, while almost hitting 20 last  year, yet he’s in Thabo Sefolosha’s neighbor of ratings? He didn’t get dunked on and crossed over for this type of disrespect.

  1. Derrick Rose (82 Overall) 

Player A: 16.8 PTS, 4 REB, 4.4 ASTS (82 Overall)

Player B: 17.9 PTS, 3.5 REB, 5.7 ASTS (86 Overall)

Other than the fact that Player B is being paid $153 Million, 4 points is a pretty big overall disparity for numbers that are fairly similar. At the least, it’s better than his lowest point when he first came off his injuries, when his rating was swimming in the 70’s, prime Rose may be gone, but show the former MVP some respect.

  1. Kemba Walker (86 Overall)

Now for my viewers out there, tell the truth…did you think Kemba was going to be good enough in the first place to be on a list like this? Can’t lie I didn’t, and he’s gotten better and better and in the last 2 seasons taking that next step as a Point Guard, which also happens to be when he finally got some help and better spacing on the floor. And In 2K17, they got him at an 86, which is good, but when you start comparing, he scores more per game than Kyle Lowry, Kevin Love and Paul George who are all rated over him and he has the same rating as a guy whose gone over Kemba’s career scoring average only twice if you count this year. Hell, Isaiah Thomas is 2 points better than Kemba, would you really take Thomas over him, especially when he’s a human turnstile on defense on a nightly basis? I mean c’mon!

  1. Tim Hardaway (86 Overall)

Listen quick, if you hear a point guard is averaging 23/10, what do you imagine his overall rating to be, something around what John Wall rating is right? Since I think that’s what he averages , and he’s an 89. Well, you be wrong, that got my boy Tim Hardaway out here looking ugly man….And this is on one of the legend teams bruh!, what’s legend about an 86….

  1. Pete Maravich (87 Overall)

So, my biggest beef with the ratings of Pistol stems from the fact that he was known as one of the ORIGINAL great, deep shooters. Mind you, he didn’t play in the era of the three point shot. However, he and Jerry West are the 2 people known to have had an adept touch from very far out during that time, so I don’t think his 78 three pointer really does that justice. Not only that, his animations aren’t as “Pistol” as they should be. He should be one of the most fun players to use in the game, sort of like his NBA Street character was, Instead, he’s more of a light skinned, generic player, who just so happens to be an 87 overall.

So alright guys, who do you think 2K did dirty and should have made the list? Leave a comment down below and expect more NBA 2K17 content soon, so subscribe so you don’t miss anything.


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