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NBA 2K17 Top 5 Worst Rated Centers

NBA 2K17

Welcome back to the final part in our NBA 2K17 Top 5 worst ratings series and today we finish it off with the goliaths of the court, the centers.

5. Hassan Whiteside (86 Overall)

It’s only right that we kick off the centers list with the man that just can’t seem to get his 2K rating up high enough no matter what he does and a $100 million-dollar contract later and he’s still not properly rated.

Despite the Heat coming on strong the last month, and Whiteside averaging 17, 15 and 2 blocks a game. Just to put in into perspective Andre Drummond who has a worse offensive game than Whiteside, about the same as a rebounder I’ll give him that, but nowhere close to him as a defender is the same rating, 2K got jokes.

4. Al Horford (84 Overall)

Alright Celtics fans, I’m bout to go in. The only reason Horford is an 84 is because he was so improperly rated in the first place so he has further to fall. I mean check it, his last 4 games 7 points, 8 points, 4 points and 6 points and he’s gotten worse as a rebounder since joining Boston as his offensive game as gotten further and further away from the hoop.

He’s not a great 3-point shooter or an efficient shooter overall this year so where is this 84 rating coming from. Gortat is a 78, Dwight is an 84, Turner is an 83, Adams is an 81. I would take all those guys over this 6-10 Small Forward.

3. Andre Drummond (86 Overall)

Now, if you watched by Top 5 Teams to Avoid Using Online video, you already known I’m not a fan of Andre Drummond, in real life and in 2k. Literally calling him a 80+ rated Reggie Evans, but looking back I was a little harsh.

Drummond’s free throw shooting makes Evans look like Steph Curry. Anyway, he is averaging 14/14 but has dropped considerably as a rim protector this season and he wasn’t much of one to begin with. 2K, don’t be scared to rated him an 83-84 and more in line with his teammates, Pistons fans will understand.

2. Patrick Ewing (90 Overall)

Maybe Ewing’s rating is being stunted because of the no rings thing but that’s another story for another vid. This is the man who inspired Shaquille O’Neal. This is the man that carried the Knick franchise on his back for a decade. But sadly, this is also one of the many men who just fell victim to playing in the same decade as the GOAT.

For the year that this player model is based on, Patrick averaged 24 PPG, 11 RPG, and 2 BPG. And believe it or not, this was a down year for him. But to have this man barely cracking a 90 after a decade of excellence is just shameful.

Hakeem Olajuwon, the man Patrick almost toppled for a ring had it not been for that infamous finger roll, is a 96. Stop breaking the hearts of Knick fans 20 years later and make this right, 2K.

1. Wilt Chamberlain (93 Overall)

This one is a very special case. Wilt’s place on this list isn’t because of what his overall is, it’s because of his specific ratings. He was still averaging near 20 and 20 but understood that it was time to be a part of a team, not a one man show. There’s a story that you’ll hear in a few documentaries of Wilt: When he began his tenure with the Lakers and stopped averaging 50, the media asked if he still had it in him.

Was Wilt old? Could he still do what he used to do, night in and night out? The story says that after this talk built up enough steam, Wilt came out and had a vintage 50 point game “just to prove a point.”  Now look at his ratings,67 Shot Close, 75 Post Control, 60 Post Fade away, 64 Speed, and 68 Vertical.

Then I read Wilt Chamberlain was documented to have been able to complete the 100-yard dash in an nearly Olympic athlete level time of around 10 seconds, it just doesn’t add up. Furthermore, he could bench press 300 pounds and had a 40+ inch vertical leap.  Arguably, Wilt was the greatest pure athlete to ever play in the league. Whether this is his “old version” or not, his ratings are ridiculous.

So Sports Gamers, do you agree with the list? If not who do you think should be called out?

Leave a comment down below, and let us know what other List you would like to see us do. And stay tuned for more NBA 2K17 content to come on to Sports Gamers Online!

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