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NBA 2K17 Top 5 WORST Shooting Guard Ratings

nba 2k17 worst shooting guard ratings mitch richmond

Every year in every sports game, there are players that are given ratings that either horribly overrate or undermine just how good that player is in real life, sometimes to the point where if you met the person who made the ratings you’d ask, “do you even watch the sport”, and of course 2K couldn’t avoid this issue either as they have some head scratchers of their own, so of course we gotta call it out, so in Part 2 of our 5 Part series we’re going go over our Top 5 Worst Shooting Guard Ratings in NBA 2K17…

5. Devin Booker (79 Overall)

Phoenix Suns fans (the few that remain) haven’t had much to be excited about since Nash was traded. However, one of the few potential long term bright spots has been the second coming of Klay Thompson– Devin Booker. In just his 2nd season, the young buck is averaging 19, 3 REB and 3 AST a game. I mean we can’t forget him going off towards the end of last season and he’s continued that pace this year.  A threat to drop 30 in an instant, yet everything from his free throw to his mid range ratings have been a bit low-balled and it’s disappointing that more respect isn’t put on his name.

4. Eric Gordon (80 Overall)

He’s back!!!!!!! Is he back? Yea I think he’s back. After coming off the big contract and injury riddled years in New Orleans, Eric Gordon is finally showing again why he was considered a big piece in the Chris Paul trade and that’s because he gets buckets. It’s been a while since Eric Gordon was a rising star in the league so maybe the ratings guy has forgotten to update accordingly. So far, this has been his best season in the last three years, and shooting the second highest 3-point percentage of his career at 43%. So, before he gets hurt again, the least 2k could do is let his virtual self be as good as he’s been so far.

3. Mitch Richmond (84 Overall)

A few historic Shooting Guards had the potential to make this list but only one truly stood out as blasphemy to the basketball gods. To start, let’s just put it out there that Mitch averaged 24 6 and 3 that year. Now look at his rating again, right???..More importantly than that, Michael Jordan, his bald holiness, declared Mitch Richmond to be the hardest person he ever guarded at his position. That alone should have had the ratings guy start him at a 90 and go from there. It’s even worse when you realize Mitch’s rating has just gotten worse and worse every year. He hasn’t played in 15 years! Back in 2K13, Run TMC were all a 90; this year? only Mullin still holds that title. Hopefully this injustice will eventually stop because I know Mike Jordan didn’t struggle to guard somebody who has the same rating as Pau Gasol

2. Bradley Beal (83 Overall)

At this point, every season you’re just waiting for Beal to miss his customary 10-15 games, but when he’s on the court Bradley Beal has gotten better each season and this year is setting a career high in points per game at 22.5 and also 3pointers made and attempted this year, yet his rating doesn’t really reflect how much he’s been balling. Hell he’s averaging the same points per game as John Wall, think about that.

1. Avery Bradley (83 Overall)

If we’re being honest, Avery Bradley has been the second-best player on the Celtics this year, not Al Horford. Who might show up in an upcoming video if that remains the same, I’m just saying……..Meanwhile, Avery Bradley has been leading the Celtics in rebounding (at the Shooting Guard position mind you) and averaging a career high 18 PPG, shooting 48% from the field and 40% from three. Not to mention, he’s fresh off a 1st Team All-Defense appearance last year. Bradley has made a jump this year, and his rating deserves to reflect that so it makes sense why he sits atop Sports Gamers Online Top 5 Worst SG Ratings list.

Do you think somebody else should have made the list? Leave a comment down below (a couple of our honorable mentions were strong candidates for this one) and stay tuned for more NBA 2K17 content to come here at SGO!

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