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NBA 2K18 Overhauls MyCareer, Debuts The Neighborhood

NBA 2k18 The Neighborhood

2K Sports held a special event on Thursday, and unveiled full details surrounding the brand new MyCareer for NBA 2k18.

“Run The Neighborhood” is new name for the mode, and features everything involving a fans “MyPlayer” under one, tight group.

“We’ve elevated the NBA 2K experience to new heights by putting players at the center of a fully-immersive basketball environment to explore, socialize, and most importantly compete,” said Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts via release.

No longer will MyPark and MyCareer be separate entities. Instead, it’s all under the same mode as the approach has turned into a more open-world experience for NBA 2K18’s MyCareer.

Within the open world comes choices as players will be able to navigate around the neighborhood, and do things like go to the store to buy gear or head to the park for some quick pick up games.

With a general theme of the “Road to 99”, players will be able to unlock badges and upgrade attributes throughout their career in order to get to that heralded 99 overall. How you choose to go about getting to 99 is what makes the mode a truly unique experience.

The “Road to 99” features “a unified badge system across Pro-Am, Park and their NBA journey in MyCareer, their attributes, animations and badges all combine to define their play style on your road to a 99 overall rating.”

For more information about The Neighborhood, check out the infographic below.

NBA 2K18 launches on September 19 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam). Players will be able to get their first taste of the 2K18 action when The Prelude launches on September 8 for Xbox One and PS4.

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