Feb 27, 2021
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NBA 2K18 To Get Two Versions On Switch

NBA 2k18

Take Two has recently released its financial results, and the announcement did come with a surprise. There is an interesting separation between the digital and the physical version of NBA 2K18 for the Nintendo Switch.

NBA 2K18 on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch digital version will be released on the same date as other console versions on September 19, 2017. However, the physical editions are listed with simply a Fall 2017 window. XBox, PlayStation and PC users will have access to both versions on the September date.

There are no official statements about what’s behind the decisions. However, it has been speculated that the problem lies in the Switch cart production costs. As Switch carts seem to be the most expensive part of the package. It is likely, Take Two will want to check if it is really worth it to create a physical version for the Switch.

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