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NBA 2K19 MyLeague Details

NBA 2K19

Forbes sat down with NBA 2K19‘s Senior Producer Erick Boenisch to discuss MyLeague, MyGM and Create-A-Player You can check out the details from the sit down below concerning MyLeague.

NBA 2K19 MyLeague Details Revealed

MyLeague Online

MyLeague is getting a nice online overhaul. NBA 2K19‘s development team had one idea when it came to MyLeague’s online component. This year, they made sure everything you can do offline, you can do online.

This means you’ll be able to do everything online that you couldn’t do before. This includes contracts, financials, expansion and more. The only piece that didn’t make it is player training during the season.

New League Members Screen for MyLeague Online

League Members Screen

New to MyLeague is the League Members screen. This will allow you to see the other members of the league and can be used as a “ready up” during the stages of the offseason.

Per Boenisch: “The top portion of the panel lists all of the members in the league and their current online status (this is incredibly helpful when trying to coordinate your games against other league members!).  Additionally, this portion of the panel is also used heavily in the offseason as a ‘Ready-Up’ indicator. This tells other members of the league when you have finished and are ready to advance to the next offseason time period.  When all members of the league are officially ‘Ready’, the league will advance, even if there is time left on the timer. There are other ways you can customize your ‘Ready’ timer (e.g. such as setting it up to auto-advance you through the remainder of the offseason).  When I said earlier that the team really thought through how people will play through this experience, this is one example of that. Usability is key.”

Through this panel you’ll be able to receive notifications. Unlike previous years, you will not have to jump into the calendar. Additionally, the League Members screen allows you to receive invites and trade offers. Also it can be, accessed anywhere with a flick of the Right-Thumbstick.

MyLeague Online Flow

Administrators of their MyLeague Online have the ability to control the pace of their MyLeague. Everything will now work on a timer system. The admin can choose live timers, which allow the league to be done in one sitting, or daily timers which will allow members a full day to complete an activity.

Admins can also set up custom timers if members of the league don’t want to rush into things. Custom timers can allow the league to set their own pace, whether they want to blaze through things like pre-draft workouts and combines or slow it down for free agency.

Admins will also have to ability to pause all timers or speed through them.

Customization Options in MyLeague and MyGM

NBA 2K19 is coming with a ton of customizable slider options. This year, new sliders such as trade sliders will be introduced in the series.

Trade Sliders

Trade Sliders affect how trades work in NBA 2K19. As Forbes explains it, you can select any player in the league as a sample to see how the slider changes affect the league as a whole.

You’re able to manipulate sliders such as “Team Style Importance” which will adjust how important the style of basketball the team players when it comes to the player evaluating if he’d waive his no-trade clause to go there.

New sliders such as “Player Fame Importance” and “Overall Rating Importance” will also change how a player evaluates your team. If the “Overall Rating Importance” slider is high, your team overall will matter.

You can also adjust the trade value for “Draft and Stash” players and how much of a premium your “untouchables” are.

You can also change the values of archetypes. Using the sliders, you’ll be able to rebalance how the league values All-Around players or Athletic players.

It was hinted that there are a ton more options when it comes to trade sliders that haven’t been touched upon yet.

Contract Sliders

Contract sliders are also new to NBA 2K19. Much like trade sliders, you’ll have to select a player to see how the league will change with those sliders. The player you choose will have two values underneath him. Those are his “Expected Salary” and his “True Salary”. His expected salary is the salary the player will expect from his team. The true salary speaks to the actual worth of the player.

You’ll be able to raise and lower both the expected salary and the true salary. This should negate players signing for too much or too little when they hit free agency. It may take some tweaking, but this is the perfect time to address the contract issues that hit NBA 2K18‘s MyGM.

If you’re a massive Celtics fan and want to put a premium on a young player’s potential (like Jayson Tatum), you can up that slider and make his worth even higher. Want to make durability an incredibly valuable asset? You can do that too.

There doesn’t seem to be a limit to what you can do with the contracts slider in 2K19.

Progression Sliders

Progression Sliders are also coming this year. You’ll be able to adjust how quickly players reach their potential with the “Player Progression Rate” and “Player Regression Rate” sliders. In years’ past, it seemed like it would take longer for players to regress as they hit their older years. You’ll even be able to adjust the progression and regression for individual attributes.

Using the “Training Effects” slider, you can now manipulate how in-season training works. If you believe it isn’t important in your MyLeague or MyGM, turn it all the way down. Alternatively, you can also turn it up and make in-season training incredibly important.

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