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NBA 2K19 MyTEAM Modes and Rewards Details

NBA 2K19 MyTeam

NBA 2K19‘s MyTEAM details have been revealed thanks to a blog from Senior Producer Eric Boenisch. I am going to do my best to breakdown everything in Eric’s blog like I did in the NBA 2K19 MyLeague Details article.

NBA 2K19 MyTEAM Modes and Rewards

If you’re not familiar with NBA 2K’s MyTEAM mode, it is essentially their version of EA’s Ultimate Team. You do challenges, play against other users and earn packs in the hopes to upgrade your team. This year the team at Visual Concepts has been busy tweaking and changing NBA 2K18‘s MyTEAM for this year’s iteration. Let’s start with the crown jewel: packs.

MyTEAM packs

There have been several tweaks to packs and Boenisch states that there will be a lot of improvement.

“As a collective, we didn’t feel like you were pulling the cards you wanted at a pace we were happy with.” – Eric Boenisch

Packs are now tiered which should give you more options when you select which packs you want to buy. Eric uses the Throwback packs from last year as an example. As many of us know (and were incredibly upset with) Throwback packs didn’t guarantee a Throwback player in every pack.

Boenisch says that is going to change in NBA 2K19. There was nothing more frustrating than pulling a Throwback pack and not getting any Throwback players.

Type of Content

The type of content and when it drops is also going to change. Boenisch notes that the team at Visual Concepts realized how the drip feed wasn’t a good method for them. He especially mentioned Pink Diamond and Amethyst cards. Now, both Pink Diamond and Amethyst have the chance to be pulled at launch. Diamonds will also be available way earlier and a Pink Diamond event is already scheduled for September.

MyTEAM Unlimited

my team unlimited
Via 2K Sports

This year MyTEAM Unlimited is coming to NBA 2K19. MyTEAM Unlimited is a competitive online mode where you bring your 13 best players to a series of games. Through this mode, you’ll be able to play these cards without restrictions.

To start, you’ll have up to 12 games scheduled. Boenisch calls them a “block of games”. The goal here is to win as many games as possible within that block before you lose three games. Once you lose three games, your progress is wiped to zero and you have to start over. When you hit your third loss, you’re rewarded from their “prize board”.

The prize board is a ladder-type reward system. The number of wins you accrue will put you on a rung on the prize board. That rung will indicate the type of rewards you get. If you go 10-2 or 11-1, you’ll be put on the highest rung and could win free packs and/or MyTEAM points. The rewards will change throughout the season.

If you go undefeated in your block (12-0), you’ll receive with MyTEAM’s “Player of the Month” card. Every calendar month, a new player will be up for “Player of the Month”. The Player of the Month card is the only card you have to earn through MyTEAM Ultimate.

What happens if you collect all of the cards in the Player of the Month set? You’ll receive a Galaxy Opal Isiah Thomas card. Galaxy Opal.

Triple Threat

Triple Threat is a new single player mode for NBA 2K19‘s MyTEAM. Triple Threat is 3-on-3 basketball where you’ll play against every NBA team’s best three players. When you beat a team for the first time, you’ll receive any MyTEAM points that are shown above the logo. When you beat a division, you’ll earn Reward Tokens.

Your goal is to defeat all six NBA divisions which will unlock a 7th board. The 7th board is a limitless board with no end and offers some of the best prizes that the mode has to offer. Instead of facing each NBA team’s current best three, you’ll have to face their all-time greats. That means you could face a team of Jordan-Pippen-Rodman or Bird-Parish-McHale.

You’ll be able to earn MyTEAM points, Reward Tokens, custom Triple Threat card packs and limited release cards that are exclusive to the Triple Threat mode. There will also be an online version of the mode. Triple Threat online is pretty much Triple Threat but instead of CPU teams, you’ll be playing against user teams.


Challenges are back for both single and multiplayer in NBA 2K19 MyTEAM. Single player challenges remain relatively unchanged from NBA 2K18. The biggest change, however, is that those challenges won’t go away. You’ll be able to play Week 1 challenges whenever you buy the game, even if it isn’t at launch.

Multiplayer challenges are here! Every week, all season long, 2K19 and Visual Concepts will be dropping weekly challenges for you. Take note that these challenges, unlike their single player counterpart, they will expire after a week.

Reward Tokens

Reward Tokens are a new reward in MyTEAM that you can earn through various activities and challenges. Reward Tokens can be redeemed in the Reward Market, which will have various amounts of tiered cards for you.

First, you’ll start in the Emerald market and when you’ve acquired enough Emerald players, the Sapphire market will open up. This continues all the way through to Galaxy Opal. Galaxy. Opal.

You’ll be able to eventually purchase Diamond, Pink Diamond, Amethyst or Galaxy Opal players by playing the modes and earning Reward Tokens.

Locker Codes

Last thing I want to touch on is Locker Codes. Locker codes are getting a major change this year which should make most players happy. I can tell you that I’ve hated locker codes in the past because they’re used too quickly. Not great for those who work full time, let me tell you.

In NBA 2K19, Locker Codes will now have a limitation of one use but be open for everyone.

Each code will give you a free prize ball drop and a 1 in 10 chance of winning the featured prize (usually some sort of card). It is basically the Triple Threat prize ball drop. Prizes aren’t limited to cards. Locker Codes can give you MyTEAM points, chances at earning Rewards Tokens and more.

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