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NBA 2K20 Demo Is Now Live: What You Need to Know

The NBA 2K20 demo is now live, and here’s what you can expect from the test version of the game.

MyNBA2K Integration

As we mentioned yesterday, the MyNBA 2K20 app is now live on the Apple Store and on Google Play. NBA 2K users can scan their faces just in time for the demo, and can use their scans during the test version of 2K20.


Once in the demo, players can begin building their MyPLAYER on 2K20. The 2K20 team has touted that there are more than 100 archtypes and 50 different badges to choose from.

The NBA 2K20 demo is free to download, and NBA 2K20 will launch on September 6. For more NBA 2K news, be sure to keep checking out the SGO site.

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