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NBA 2K20 New Servers Confirmed

NBA 2K20

With numerous issues plaguing the online experience in NBA 2K19, this year promises new servers. The goal is to not only mitigate the issues of its predecessor, but deliver the experience once hoped for by many.

New NBA 2K20 Servers Confirmed

Early today, @ipodkingcarter tweeted out the news revealing the confirmation of new servers for NBA 2K20.

As noted above, he quotes @Ronnie2K for the news. Servers have been a huge pressure point for NBA 2K, especially for MyLeague Online players who suffered through in-house servers that were also used for traffic-overflow where basic connectivity was one problem of many. League-ending bugs were constantly reproduced resulting in the mode be largely unplayable for a large portion of fans.

Not much has been said on these issues being alleviated in the next game which has caused some to even speculate that the mode could be removed entirely. New servers does seem like proper a step forward. Hopefully, we will not have to wait until launch in order to see just how well these improvements will impact the game.

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