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NBA 2K20: Unskippable Ads are Apparently Back

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Online ads that can’t be skipped are pretty annoying. But when you pay $60 for a game and get unskippable ads there, that’s worse. And it looks like that may be the case, as there have been reports of NBA 2K20 gamers having to deal with unskippable ads.

NBA 2K20 Ads

Unskippable ads, unfortunately, are not new to NBA 2K. Many NBA 2K19 users noticed that the 2K team added unskippable ads to the game towards the end of its life cycle. And let’s just say the reaction was not very good.

Now, it looks like this issue will continue, as a user on Reddit wrote that he received his first unskippable ad in NBA 2K20 over the weekend. In the same thread, other users also wrote that they have been getting those ads, and have not been able to skip them. One Reddit user wrote, “I skipped the 2KTV video before a MyCareer game and then I got an unskippable EXPRESS ad.” Another user wrote, “I just got one. Big thumbs down from me.”

NBA 2K20 has received a ton of criticism since its release. Gamers have been unhappy over glitches, badge progression problems, and other issues that have made the gaming experience poor as a result. And now that there’s another inconvenience for NBA 2K20 users, this may do more harm than anything else.

Getting back to the ads, it’s unclear whether this is just an issue isolated to a single platform. SGO has received word that unskippable ads have been present in NBA 2K20 for PC. However, we can’t confirm that Xbox One and PS4 users have also been experiencing unskippable ads.

For updates on this issue, as well as other NBA 2K20 news, be sure to keep checking out the SGO site.

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