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NBA 2K21 Demo Marks Return of Team USA?

After spending the last few NBA 2K games unable to play as Team USA, it appears the wait is over. NBA 2K21 released its demo Monday as many gamers started to speculate after seeing Team USA’s logo on the game. This suggests the NBA 2K team has once again obtained the rights to Team USA for its game.

So far, NBA 2K has made no official statement regarding the licensing of Team USA in the NBA 2K21 demo. Multiple fans and gamers alike posted on social media about the logo and what it could mean for the upcoming game.

What Could Team USA Being in NBA 2K21 Mean

Rumors have gone around that NBA 2K21 MyPlayer mode could be going in a similar direction of Madden 21, where created players’ career story mode starts in high school. This could mean that as players go through MyPlayer, they might be able to play on Team USA.

This could also mean that the old Team USA squads are playable teams in exhibition mode. The question comes that if they are, will Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller finally be available to play?  Both players have been historically left out of NBA 2K’s games due to financial demands not being met.

The Olympics were originally planned for 2020 and could have been represented in a playable mode. But COVID-19 ended all hopes of Team USA going for the gold this year. NBA 2K17 made Team USA available to play the same year as the 2016 Olympics, suggesting a similar arrangement for this year’s title.

Speculation will be looming around the logo being in the demo, but gamers will have to wait for news. Fans might hear more about Team USA’s involvement as fans inch closer to the September 4 release date.



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