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NBA 2K21 Patch

NBA 2K21 Patch Addresses WNBA, Rookieville, And More

The latest patch for NBA 2K21 is live. The 2K team took to Twitter to post the patch notes for the small update. Fixes include some WNBA content, Rookieville, and The Rec. Check it out below.

NBA 2K21 patch notes

  • WNBA court floors and dornas have been updates for the new season.
  • Rookieville has been modified to allow for easier entry into The City for new players. A 1v1 court with a CPU opponent will now be available to ensure there is always an opponent.
  • AI generated players will now have appropriate heights, by position, when playing games in The Rec.

Updates have really slowed down over the past month or so with the 2020-21 NBA season nearing an end. Which means Take-Two has likely shifted its focus forward. The last Courtside Report from 2K came back in May with another very small list of patch notes. Update #9 touched on WNBA uniforms and courts, player likenesses, and 2K Beach summer theme.

When is NBA 2K22 news coming?

With that said, it’s almost time to start looking forward to the next 2K game. NBA 2K22 is expected to release in early September. That means with less than three months to go, its likely all hands on deck. Not too much info is out there right now, but the 2K22 cover star may have been leaked. Dallas Mavericks superstar, Luka Doncic, could be joining fellow Mavs great, Dirk Nowitzki, on the cover of the standard and legend editions, respectively.

As for if 2K will have any competition this year, don’t hold your breathe. There has been nothing to speak of on the NBA Live front, and with former creative director, Conor Dougan, shifting to the Madden team, it’s not likely to change.

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11 months ago

They gave up on this game a long time ago! And the sad thing about that is that there are some people that literally paid $99.99+tax in order to get this with when it came out when they purchased the Current-Gen version of the game. I actually paid for the Current-Gen and then I bought the Next-Gen version only because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get a PS5 in which I did. Take Two really let the ball down with the updates for the Next-Gen version of this game. They did a huge disservice to their loyal consumers that support them every year. Smh

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