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NBA 2K22 Adds Every NBA PA Announcer

A jump in console generation means a jump in presentation for NBA 2K22. On Wednesday, 2K announced that every NBA team’s Public Address Announcer will be featured in-game. In 2K22, players have the opportunity to listen to the real life play-by-play commentary from announcers such as Tommy Edwards (Chicago Bulls), Mike Walczewski (New York Knicks), Matt Cord (Philadelphia 76ers) and more.

NBA 2K22 PA Announcer Trailer

A Word From the PA Announcers

“After last year, I think we all have a renewed appreciation for the noise and cheers that fill an NBA arena each night,” said Knicks PA Announcer Mike Walczewski in a release. “With the style and enthusiasm of every team’s PA announcer now in the game, I truly feel that NBA 2K22 players will experience the thrill and the drama of stepping onto their home-court firsthand.”


“From the fans to the PA announcers, each team truly has its own distinct atmosphere and energy,” 76ers PA Announcer Matt Cord added. NBA 2K22 is capturing the essence of each arena to further immerse players in the sights and sounds of a true NBA experience. I’m proud that I can help bring the game to life, especially for all the Sixers fans playing, because they feed off of me and I feed off of them. They are an incredibly passionate fanbase.”

The addition of each team’s PA Announcer applies to both current and next gen versions of NBA 2K22. 2K’s leading basketball sim is just nine days away. The game launches across the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

What are your thoughts on this added presentation element in NBA 2K22? Does it give you Real Voices vibes from 2K14? Let us know in the comments. For more NBA 2K news stick with Sports Gamers Online.

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Tremaine Gardner
Tremaine Gardner
4 months ago

What does this mean?

2K’s leading basketball sim is just nine days away.”


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4 months ago

SGO, thank you for your amazing news updates. First to report on so many issues (more timely than that other sports gaming site)!!! Good stuff.

SGO Thermal
SGO Thermal(@sgo-thermal)
4 months ago
Reply to  GoBengals

Appreciate your support!!!