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NBA Jam is Back! Updated NBA Rosters and Secret Characters Like Donald Trump & Harambe!

If you are a 90’s kid, you likely remember NBA Jam. The game was a favorite quarter muncher in arcades, and when the console ports were released, remained a favorite among children and adults of all backgrounds. Its fast-paced, razzle dazzle gameplay, along with the hidden codes and characters, kept this game’s replay value high, and it was a shame that Midway didn’t continue to modernize the title through the years since.

But it appears that someone has decided to pick up the slack left by the loss of this game in the market. The guys at Hogs With a Blog have created a modified version of the SNES port of the game that allows you to play as modern players.

Playable through emulator, NBA Jam 2K17 adds a modern roster to the aged title. Team changes were not made, so the Oklahoma City Thunder are still the Seattle Supersonics in this game though. While adding your favorite current NBA stars such as LeBron, Lillard, and Noah, the game also retains some of the classic legends such as Jordan, Kobe, and Larry Bird.

The revised title also adds secret characters more relevant to today’s pop culture recognition, such as Donald Trump, Harambe, and Kanye.

If you are interested in a bit of modernity with your nostalgia, you can download the game at the link featured at the end of the trailer.

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