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NBA LIVE 16 Roster Update (11/20/15)

EA Sports have put out the NBA Live 16 Roster Update for Week 3 you can checkout the full details here.

Who’s Up

Jeremy Lamb (OVR 79) +4 – Lamb has improved significantly in his new role with the Hornets.
Steph Curry (OVR 97) +3 – Chef Curry is playing like a human cheat code. He’s now the highest-rated player in NBA LIVE 16, tied with…
Russell Westbrook (OVR 97) +3 – NBA Live 16’s cover athlete has been playing lights out. He shares the top spot with Curry.
Enes Kanter (OVR 86) +3 – Kanter looks like he could be the missing piece to the championship puzzle in OKC.
Manu Ginobili (OVR 85) +3 – Ginobili is playing great off the bench.

Who’s Down

Marc Gasol (0VR 91) -4 – It hasn’t been the best start for Gasol and the Grizzlies.
Zach Randolph (OVR 88) -3 – Z-Bo has been struggling on the stat sheet.
Klay Thompson (OVR 88) -3 – Thompson has fizzled out a bit, but that’s partly due to the emergence of Cheat Code Curry.
Ty Lawson (OVR 84) -3 – Lawson might be headed to the bench soon.
Gordon Hayward (OVR 82) -3 – A slow start to the season for Hayward, but things are looking up.

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