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NBA Live 18 Demo Patch Unlocks Live Run For Players, Updates Gameplay

NBA Live 18

EA Sports has released an update to the popular NBA Live 18 demo that features quite a list of gameplay updates as well as a pretty major unlock for players.

The major feature involves a full unlock for the demo’s “Live Run” mode that opens it up to players who have hit level 20 with their created players.

The rest of the patch includes numerous updates to the on-court play. Details, courtesy of Cornell Gunter, are as follows:

  • Big men no longer perform “high-tier dribble moves”
  • Big men won’t perform as many athletic reverse layups
  • Contested layup percentages have been tuned
  • Increased default game speed to 80
  • Fever interceptions when players aren’t facing the ball
  • Alley-oop frequency tuning
  • Less frequent hard screens
  • Tuned celebrations
  • Box out tuning
  • Reduced the frequency of interior shot blocking based on the matchups
  • Various bug fixes
  • Improved loose ball reaction times.

NBA Live 18 launches on September 15 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. To help you prepare, read and watch our impressions of this year’s demo.

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