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NBA Live 18 The One: New Career Mode Details Revealed in Interview

We got some new info on NBA Live 18 after getting some hands on gameplay and speaking with NBA Live Gameplay Designer Antonio Revard.

The One is a career mode in NBA Live 18 where you create and level up your own player. You can customize their appearance including tattoos, hair style, and clothing. You also customize their skills, traits, and playstyle.

After creating a character, you choose to play either on the Streets or in The League. The League is similar to what Rising Star was in NBA Live 16 but with some new twists. In The Streets mode, you’ll be able to play solo or co-op games with friends or strangers online. The Streets keeps the five on five experience. As you play, you gain XP and spend it to unlock new skills and traits.

Rear protector, sharp shooter, and wing score are three of the playstyles you can choose. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, allowing different players to excel at different positions and techniques. As you use each playstyle, you unlock new abilities for that style.

One ability for a rear protector is Intimidator. If you are between the person with the ball and the rim and they come near you, you automatically decrease the likelihood they will make the shot.

You also have three trait slots that you can customize based on the playstyle and position you want to play. An example of one of these is the Pick and Roll ability. If you have that ability and you set up a successful pick and you roll toward the basket, you increase your chances of succeeding around the rim. Brickwall is another ability. With it, if you set up a screen, it increases the chances of it being a hard screen, knocking the opponent down.

During our interview, he mentioned three things the team focused on improving. First was improving the animation quality, trying to make it look as good as possible. The second was improving the responsiveness of the controls. The third was building a skill gap between a new and seasoned user. This includes having skill-based mechanics on one-on-one defense, dribble controls, shot stick, the shot meter having a green release, and more.

With NBA Live 18’s exact release date still uncertain, we’ll report new details as soon as they are available. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel for the latest on NBA Live 18.

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