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Latest NBA Live 18 Update Available Now

NBA Live 18

EA Sports has released the latest patch for NBA Live 18.

The full notes on what has been fixed can be found below for an update that includes updates to player likenesses, controller response time and online stability.

NBA Live 18 Patch Notes

  1. Addressed a crash in Pro-Am Tour that occurred during a conversation with the Goodman League Commissioner after winning the league tournament.
  2. Addressed a crash when a player would get to Level 50 League Hype.
  3. Addressed some player likeness issues.
  4. Addressed an issue in which a user could turn off auto-subs and cause the CPU to stop making substitution.
  5. Addressed some idle issues with some instance of dribbling and hands-up animations.
  6. Made improvements to the look of a player’s first step out of triple threat
  7. Improved responsiveness for pull up jumpers
  8. Improved responsiveness when catching and shooting
  9. Improved responsiveness on right stick shot contests.
  10. Updated and Tuned dribble content
  11. Improved overall online gameplay stability

Live Ultimate Team Update:

  1. Updated player ratings on items to better reflect important attributes.
  • Removed Passing
  • Added Post Offense (POST) to show how good a player is at getting to the basket and scoring from the post.
  • Changed Shooting (SHT) to Mid-Range Shooting (MID) to better reflect a player’s ability to score off of mid-range jumpers.
  • Changed Dunking (DNK) to Finishing (FIN) to better reflect how well a player can score around the basket with dunks and lay-ups.

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