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NBA Live 18 Reveals Gameplay Features, Modes

NBA Live 18

New games always make big promises, and NBA Live 18 is doing exactly that by promising new physics, a deeper level of control, and new modes.

One of the outlines for new and improved features includes the dribble system. This is meant to reward skill-based players, allowing you to take advantage of someone out of position or set the rhythm by staying in front of the ball handler and keeping the pressure on them.

Improved real player movement means a greater control and the ability to react and position yourself in the right spot to cut off the drive or score. This also allows you to use a player’s natural skills and advantages, such as height or strength, to overcome or outplay your opponent.

Physics-based transitions and more animations for each player means smoother movement and transitions that are more realistic when a player changes positions, actions, or stances. Blending all of that with realistic momentum, NBA Live 18 promises to be the best NBA experience yet.

NBA Live 18 also offers ways to play beyond pickup games, including some new ones.

The One

The one is a career mode where you create your own player and show off your skills to become a legend in The League and The Streets. You’ll be able to choose your role and playstyle as well as level up the character with personal abilities, traits, and gear. For more on The One, check out our breakdown of the latest details


Franchise mode gives you full control of an NBA team. You will draft and trade players and upgrade your skills with a unique in-game system. Each choice will change your team, offering you a new and dynamic way to experience an NBA season.

Ultimate Team

This is your chance to make the ultimate dream team, no limits to states, teams, or even time periods for when a player played. You can use in-game currency to purchase packs containing different players, coaches, uniforms, and stadiums. The more you unlock, the more options and players you’ll have at your command to dominate your opponents.

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Samuel Miller
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