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NBA LIVE 19 Demo Available This Month

NBA Live 19 Demo

EA Sports NBA LIVE 19 is set to drop on September 7, but the demo is coming even sooner. In fact, the demo will be available for Xbox One and PS4 on Friday, August 24 at midnight EST.

NBA LIVE 19 Demo

Check out EA’s tweet on the demo below.

This is certainly a smart play by EA. Their demo will drop a full week before NBA 2K19‘s demo, called “The Prelude.” If NBA LIVE 19 is received well, the company’s timing could help narrow the sales gap between itself and 2K.

As far as the actual demo is concerned, it appears to be a pretty inclusive experience. It is far from the ‘bare bones’ type of release that’s so often seen from EA and other companies. According to EA, the following modes will be available in the demo:

  • The ONE modes
  • The ONE store
  • The Rise
  • Live Events
    • 15 events
    • Multiple events per day
    • Demo events
  • Customize Player
  • Customize Court
  • Practice
  • Drills
  • 1v0
  • 1v1
  • 5v5 Scrimmage
  • NBA Play Now
    • Unlocks after you complete two games of The Rise
    • Teams available: Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics
  • WNBA Play Now
    • Unlocks after you complete two games of The Rise
    • Teams available: Los Angeles Sparks and Minnesota Lynx

It appears the only modes not available in the demo are Court Battles, LIVE Run, LIVE Ultimate Team, Franchise and Online Head-to-Head. While the hardcore online players may not be thrilled to hear this, anyone trying to evaluate NBA LIVE 19‘s gameplay will have more than enough opportunities to do so.

Check out all the latest news updates for NBA LIVE 19 here.

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