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NBA Live 19 Launches Major September Title Update

NBA Live 19

NBA Live 19 received its second title update of the year. The September title update brings major gameplay changes. In addition, you’ll improvements with online matchmaking, new commentary lines, and player likeness.

NBA Live 19 September Update

EA has patched issues like incorrect defensive players receiving personal fouls and incorrect player velocity going into catches and shots. In addition, transition defense and switching players has been improved. The same goes for defensive positioning to cover the roller off screens (although EA admits this it still a work in progress). Ball speed on passes for receptions towards the basket has also been adjusted.

Court Battles

Court Battle rules were changed. As games that use halves will now have three-minute halves, while Pro-Am Live Run will still use four five-minute quarters. Other changes include All Court Battle rules that are to 11 will now use ones and twos. All Skins Rules also now use ones and twos and Defense Wins Championships will now use twos and threes, with points for defensive rebounds being changed from five to three

Online Play

Changes have been made to the matchmaking process as well as to online leaderboards. Matchmaking timing issues that resulted in “cold” lobbies that would not be evaluated properly by new matchmakers have been patched. This also goes for changing the rules and controls to ensure that new matchmakers evaluate all lobbies. A bug that has given players losses and prevented players from games forming when playing in the same lobby for consecutive games has also been patched. Lastly, a full leaderboard reset has been scheduled.

Player Likenesses and Audio

EA has also made player likeness updates to many of this season’s NBA rookies, including Jacob Evans, Robert Williams III, Jalen Brunson, and Anfernee Simons. Additionally, more than 1,700 new lines of commentary have been added, including lines involving player movements, rookie insights, and league and career milestones.


Here are some of the other changes that have been made:

  • Updated some of the ICON upgrade visuals along the Sniper ICON path
  • Clarified instructions for unlocking the Pick and Shoot Trait
  • Tuned the visual appearance of sweating on the players as the game progresses
  • Fixed mismatched lettering on generated player jerseys in Franchise and The League

For more on the title update, click here. Also, if you missed SGO’s review of NBA Live 19, click here.

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