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NBA 2K17 Offensive Badge Analysis: Brick Wall, Draw Foul and More

NBA 2K17 Offensive Badge Analysis

If you’re an avid NBA 2K17 player and wonder if badges truly make a difference, NBA 2K Lab has the answer. In addition to badges, the team also puts questionable stats to the test to see how they impact your game. In their latest post, 2K Lab completes a new NBA offensive badge analysis. The recent trials put badge Brick Wall and the Draw Foul and Offensive Consistency stats to the test.

Brick Wall

The Brick Wall badge will help you set up extremely effective screens. In order to test the badge effectiveness, first, they tested the badge at each level and then without the badge. NBA 2K Lab ran into 200 screens at each badge level at a full sprint. Then they charted three categories: knockdowns, solid screens and brush screens.

Hall of Fame 46.5% 33.5% 20%
Gold 35% 44.5% 20.5%
Bronze 0% 58% 42%
None 0% 55% 45%
The change between the Bronze level and not having the badge at all is barely noticeable; Gold and above is where players should notice a significant difference.
2K Lab did not stop there; they went as far as even testing player traits in relation to the badge’s effectiveness. The test consisted of the weight and strength traits. While strength made no difference, a screener with minimum weight was found to be easier to displace and fight off. Finally, they decided to see what is the best way to hit a screen without being knocked down. Their test is 200 attempts at a sprint, walk, and intense defense slide against a screener with Hall of Fame Brick Wall. The Results are below.
Sprint 46.5% 33.5% 20%
Walk 18% 70% 12%
Slide 24.5% 58.5% 17%


Offensive Consistency

Next, they put highly requested stats to the test to see if they truly impacted gameplay. While 2K Lab hopes to run more tests, the first set of trials consisted of taking 400 jumpers from top of the key with 99 offensive consistency and 400 with 25 offensive consistency. During these trials, they tracked make percentages, green percentages and shooting streaks.

99 82.5% 52.25% 4.38 18
25 78.75% 49.5% 3.57 12


Although the shooting percentages are higher for those with 99 rating, surprisingly the margin is fairly low.

Draw Foul

In hopes of proving draw foul was not just a simulation stat, 2K Lab took 200 contested layups with 99 draw foul and 200 with 40 draw foul. As a result, we can see the percentage of drawn fouls double for those with high draw foul.

99 35.5%
40 17%


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