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NBA Playgrounds Patch 1.1.2 Patch Released

NBA Playgrounds

The team at Saber Interactive continues to work towards improving its two-on-two arcade basketball game NBA Playgrounds.

The team released yet another update on Friday, Patch 1.1.2 for Steam and PS4. It adds some new dunks, a loading screen to explain the new shot meter, and changed various challenge requirements, among other details.

Full patch notes can be found below, and note that the Xbox One update will be available in the coming days.

Notable Changes:

  • Added: A loading screen with the explanation of the new Shot Meter and how player stats define the success ratios for the scoring action.
  • Added: 5 new dunks were added to the current set.
  • Adjusted: The steal action has been re-balanced based on your feedback to better fit the intended gameplay. Overall, succeeding with a steal action became harder.
  • Adjusted: The 3 pointers were adjusted so that players with good stat have an increased chance to score whereas the chance to score for players with low stats was lowered.
  • Changed: The card background of Epic and Legendary cards are now silver for Epic cards and golden for Legendary ones.
  • Changed: The number of steals needed for the Las Vegas challenge Nr. 2 was reduced to 6 (was 10).
  • Changed: The number of steals needed for the Shanghai challenge Nr. 3 was reduced to 4 (was 7).
  • Changed: A team can only include each player once; it is no longer possible to have a team with the same players
  • Changed: Shaquille O´Neal chance to score a 3-pointer was drastically reduced

Notable Fixes:

  • Fixed: An issue that allowed multiple options to be selected at the same time in the Options Menu was fixed.

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