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NBA 2K17 Ultimate Hotzone Guide

In this guide we’re going to focus on Hotzones in NBA 2K17 and how a hotzone can help you take your game to the next level. Let’s jump right into it.

First, let’s discuss the benefits of having a hot zone and why you never want to have any cold zones. For this test, we took 500 jumpers in a hot zone, 500 jumpers in a cold zone, and 500 jumpers in a neutral zone. We made 70.4% of our shots inside the hot zone, 62.6% of our shots inside the neutral zone, and 40% of our shots inside the cold zone. Hotzones definitely make a difference, and we think they are worth grinding for.

If you want to see your hotzones, jump into in your MyCourt and shootaround to see your cold, neutral, and hot zones displayed in blue for cold, no color for neutral, and red for hot in the ring displayed under your player. Notice how you can also see that your shooting bar is much bigger when you are shooting inside your hot zones.

Now you may be asking how to get these hotzones, well – here’s your answer. It takes 12 makes inside a single hotzone while shooting over 50% and approximately 50 total made shots to get the hotzone closest to the rim. You do not have to get a hotzone in a single game, but we highly recommend changing the game difficulty to Rookie and Quarter Length to 12 minutes when you’re grinding hot zones after you’ve completed your badge work. Also note that the season long shot chart can be inaccurate when seeing your zones.

Keep in mind that there are a few ways you can lose your hot zones as well. First, if you don’t hit a shot inside a zone within several games. Second, your hot zones reset if you start a new MyCareer season. And finally, when you create a new player with no hot zones, the next MyPlayer you switch to and play a game with will have lost their hot zones. It is also possible to transfer hotzones between characters. If you get the hotzones you want on one MyPlayer, you can switch to another MyPlayer, start a game, and quit instantly to retain those hotzones.

Hotzones are without a doubt worth the effort and will help you dominate your matchup.

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