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New NBA 2K18 Screenshots Revealed

NBA 2K18 Screenshot

One week after showing the first screenshots with DeMar DeRozan, Paul George, and Isaiah Thomas, the NBA 2K18 devs are showing off more kits and players as the release date approaches.

Many players were featured in this round of screenshots. They were shared via Twitter by the official NBA 2K account. Stars like Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Nick Young were used to please fans with the new title’s look as well as showcase the new uniforms.

All the screenshots reveal that the game will have new slightly leaner models, but also more details and life-likeness in the player appearance.

Damian Lillard NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 had to wait to show new screenshots due to the agreement between Nike and NBA. It was noted that Nike had the right to show the uniforms first. In addition to screenshots, 2K has started revealing ratings too. Curry ended up with a rating of a 94, while Kevin Durant is rated at 96. Durant is the highest-rated player so far, but LeBron James and Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook’s ratings have yet to be revealed.

Nick Young NBA 2K18

Skin tones were said to have gotten a slight update as well. They should apear more natural and realistic. Another featured player was Charlotte Hornets Dwight Howard, which sErnest not too happy about his 81 rating.

You can admire Dwight Howard’s updated appearance and the new Hornets uniform in the screenshot below.

Dwight Howard NBA 2K18

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