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Pau Gasol Is The NBA 2K17 Spanish Cover Star

NBA 2K17 Pau Gasol

A couple of weeks ago, 2K Sports announced that Danilo Gallinari would be the cover star for the Italian version of NBA 2K17. It continues a trend that 2K started last year with Tony Parker, Dennis Schroder and the Gasol brothers for the covers of NBA 2K16 in their home countries.

This year, only of one of the Gasol brothers returns for the Spain cover, Pau. Perhaps Marc being sidelined by injuries this past year pushed him out, who knows.

One interesting thing to note about both Gallinari and Gasol’s covers is that neither cover features them in their national team uniforms. Gallinari is in different Nuggets uniforms and Gasol is in his Lakers, Bulls and current Spurs uniforms.

We do know that the ’92 Dream Team, the current US Olympic team, and the Australian National Team will be in the game but 2K hasn’t released any more information about other international teams that might, or might not, be in the game.

Hopefully, 2K Sports releases more information about the international teams soon. We’re supremely curious to see how the national teams will fit in the game.

NBA 2K17 comes out worldwide on September 20 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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