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Radio Station Calls Out NBA 2K19 For City Representation

NBA 2K19 MyTeam

When a sports title decides to have a story mode within their game, any region or city that gets represented is expected to be represented accurately.

No matter how big or small it is, those who live in a city want their area to be shown in the best light possible. They want to know that the developers and those in charge do their due diligence while researching for scripts and visuals.

Unfortunately, it appears that the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana is the victim of a lack of research this year.

During one scene in NBA 2K19’s MyCareer mode, one character mocks the summer and winter seasons in the city while mentioning that the city had not a single sports radio station. In fact, it was played off as if the city had nothing to offer whatsoever.

ESPN Radio 1380 — an actual sports station — in Fort Wayne took offense to the representation and apparent mockery their city received in game’s MyCareer mode.

“We understand it’s just a video game, but we’re very disappointed in NBA 2K and how they represented our city and our station,” the station said in a Tweet. “We do indeed have a sports station that works very hard to cover our local sports. We do appreciate you including the Mad Ants, but we have a great city.”

As the station put it, it is just a video game, and the script was retain to portray the character in a certain light. That said, it would behoove the writers and producers to not make jokes about a city that not only has an NBA-affiliated team, but also has fans that you’re trying to market your product to.

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