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Top Three Teams That Should Trade for Kyrie Irving – Where Will He Play in NBA 2K18?

Adding to an already crazy NBA offseason, Kyrie Irving now wants to get traded. After winning a ring just one season ago, he’s decided he wants out and to be his own man again. This highlights that not every player thinks the same. And since I fully encourage Kyrie to weaken LeBron’s chances at getting back to the Finals, I decided to put on my GM hat and play with the Trade Machine on ESPN and My GM Mode on 2K. I found 3 spots that would be perfect for him. Let’s get to them.

  1. New York Knicks
  • Knicks Get: PG Kyrie Irving, PF Trevor Booker, PF Andrew Nicholson
  • Cavaliers Get: PF Kristaps Porzingis
  • Nets Get: C Joakim Noah, SF Mindaugas Kuzminskas, 2018 Unprotected 1st(NYK)

This one ended up a 3-team trade. With the Cavaliers landing Porzingis, this enablas them to deal Love or Thompson for more backcourt help.

The Knicks getting Irving and Booker while offloading Noah’s contract and their unprotected 1st to the Nets as a present for taking Noah’s deal off their hands.

This deal really depends on Melo, because if he stays, the Knicks could have a nice 1-2 core. However, if he goes, Kyrie Irving is given the keys to the Knicks as their only star player. It could end up like he has been since Melo has been there as Kyrie and Melo are stylistically the same type of player. The hardest part in team building is getting that superstar, so if you build it they will come. Guys around the league might want to play with Kyrie and if they hit free agency and he’s in New York, you never know. Getting Kyrie erases the mistake of them not taking Dennis Smith Jr. The French dude they took might be alright, but we knew right away NY messed that one up.

  1. Milwaukee Bucks
  • Bucks Get: PG Kyrie Irving, SG J.R. Smith, PG Kay Fielder
  • Cavaliers Get: PG Malcolm Brogdon, SG Khris Middleton, C John Henson

Now this is my favorite trade for Kyrie. The Cavs get Brogdon, Middleton and Henson giving them three young guys who can defend. In Brogdon and Middleton, two guys who can score. Once LeBron leaves to the Sixers next season, the Cavs aren’t left high and dry with young guys to build around. By they sending Kyrie and JR to Milwaukee, the Bucks trade defense for offense in hopes Giannis and Thon Maker can defend the paint.

I’m thinking, isn’t Giannis like a baby LeBron? So why would Kyrie want to play for them when he didn’t have them on his list of preferred teams and LeBron’s apparently the reason he wants one. Well then I thought, Giannis isn’t the scorer LeBron is and can easily be like alright. Kyrie is the scorer and will focus on getting an effortless 15 points, 12 boards and 11 assists and 2 blocks and 3 steals. The trade then props up the Bucks into the Wizards, Raptors territory and keeps the Cavaliers afloat this season as the favorite in the East. Thus effectively preventing the Celtics from jumping them and preventing the Celtics from anything is always a good thing.

  1. Miami Heat
  • Heat Get: PG Kyrie Irving, PG Kay Fielder
  • Cavaliers Get: PG Goran Dragic, SF Justice Winslow

This is the mostly likely trade paint. It makes too much sense. It’s Miami. They just missed out on Gordan Hayward and, again, it’s Miami.

No matter what, they always land a star. Whether its Shaq, LeBron, Dion Waiters and now Kyrie Irving. Pat Riley makes moves, we can’t deny that. On the Cavs end, swapping Irving for Dragic gives the Cavs a veteran point guard who can deliver. Trade Justice Winslow for LeBron James to groom and hopefully teach him how to shoot and realize the potential that got him drafted so high.

Don’t be surprised if you see Kyrie on his way to Miamiwhen you turn on ESPN. You already know Pat Riley will be somewhere doing the Birdman hand rub.

Alright Sports Gamers, where do you think Kyrie Irving will be playing this season? Do you think he’s going to stay in Cleveland or take his talents elsewhere? Leave what you think in the comments down below. Stay tuned for more NBA 2K content here at Sports Gamers Online. Make sure you check back here daily so you don’t miss anything we put out.

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