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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare…Zombies Not Free


Call of Duty: Sophisticated Warfare comes out tomorrow, with the Day Zero edition available now, but the $59.99 game can be augmented with a $49.99 Season Pass.

This is a hefty bit of money for the extra content. The four packs are called Havoc, Ascendance, Supremacy, and Reckoning—one of which will come with a zombie mode.

The developer, Sledgehammer’s official statement on the DLC:

“The plan for Advanced Warfare from the start was to deliver a great campaign, to re-imagine multiplayer, and to create a fast and frenetic co-op experience all based on the new Exoskeleton mechanics.   Sledgehammer put everything into getting this right, and the result is a great game that brings a new fun factor to the franchise so many people love.  

Once the main game development wrapped, the teams started on some new ideas.  Like many of you out there, we are fans of zombies too.  Since the exoskeleton is in all modes of the game, the devs were excited to play with the idea of what happens when zombies are thrown in the mix too.  Sledgehammer is working on a new version of zombies that’s unique to Advanced Warfare, one that will be part of DLC.  Stay tuned, more info in the weeks ahead.”

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