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Maximum Football 2018 First Details

Canadian developers Canuck Play, who last year released the first Canadian football title –Canadian Football 2017 — featuring a full set of Canadian football rules since CFL ’99, have announced plans to re-brand this year’s game as Maximum Football 2018.

In a video posted to their YouTube channel, Canuck Play president David Winter outlines all of the other innovations and changes that we can expect from the title this year, as well as recapping various accomplishments and shortcomings from the past year.

While acknowledging that the company failed to secure a single corporate sponsor or partner in 2017 (meaning don’t expect CFL licensing this year either), Winter insists that Canuck Play has allotted additional developmental resources to this year’s game, including 3D modellers and an increased marketing budget. To help showcase some of the game’s upgrades, Winter gives a sneak peek at some of the enhanced player models and updated menus alongside new features that have been added. Many of these are still taking the necessary steps in trying to catch up to Madden (which Winter hilariously refuses to refer to by name at one point, opting instead for “a title from a major studio”), including refined hot routes, instant replay and AI logic.

Maximum Football 2018 also promises expansion in a number of ways. First, the game will not only be available on XBox One as it was last year but also on PS4 for the first time. Secondly, it will increase the playable teams to include a whole host of American cities and even a new Canadian one in Halifax called the Mariners. Of course, if any of these available teams aren’t to your liking, there’s also now the opportunity to customize the team as you see fit by altering details like the team name as well as making edits to rosters and depth charts.

Winter closes out the video by featuring some select clips of how these changes manifest themselves out on the field, as we see glimpses of some in-game action. Have a look at the official clip below to check out how Maximum Football 2018 is coming along.


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When does it release on consoles?