ClusterPuck99 Review

For anyone old enough to remember the classic arcade game Pong you remember how simple it was, but it still kept you entertained when you were trying to kill time. ClusterPuck99 has a lot of the same qualities.

When you first fire it up you get the feeling of an arcade. The design and graphics of the game are basic and don’t blow you away. It’s an arcade style game though, does it really need to?

The game gives you the ability to play matches against friends or the computer. It also has a Challenge mode that varies between matches and skill competitions. You’re also given a mode that allows you to create your own arena.

This isn’t a game that you will sit at work or school thinking to yourself… I can’t wait to get home and play it. ClusterPuck99 is the type of game you fire up when you’re looking to kill sometime in between TV shows, meetings, or on long commutes.

It would be a perfect game for tablets and other mobile devices. It’s also a great game to fire up on your PC.

Overall I’d have to say I’ve enjoyed the game and would recommend others to get it to fill the downtime they have. It’s a fun game, but not one you’ll ever have to worry about rage quitting on.

Game Score: 8.5

This is a solid arcade game that will be a nice relaxing throw back to older gamers who grew up in arcades. You can get it on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam now.