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Cricket Fans, Don Bradman Cricket 17 Drops This December

Don Bradman Cricket 17 demo

Big Ant Studios and Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty announced that they would be releasing their latest cricket game, Don Bradman Cricket 17, this December.

The last team we saw a cricket game from Big Ant Studios was in 2014 when they released Don Bradman Cricket 14. They lost their partnership with Tru Blu Entertianment but it looks like HES is picking up the slack.

If you want to get a taste of the game, the Don Bradman Cricket Academy demo is available now for on Steam. However, it only lets users create players and set up teams for the upcoming game.

The big features they’re promoting include a new lighting system and more realistic looking players with everything from facial hair to tattoos.

Big Ant Studios has had three years to work on the sequel to 14, and it sounds like they put those years to good use.

They’re allowing players to import saves from the previous version, which was on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

They also built a completely new engine for the 2017 version fo the game but haven’t released many details on how it works together.

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