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Destiny Crota’s End Raid: The Pit Run


Hello fellow Guardians, it’s your favorite Destiny Tipster Chino again! With the hard mode for Destiny Crota’s End Raid right around the corner I decided to make a small guide with some tips and tricks that have helped me put Crota in his place. Today I will do my best to explain the first part of the raid which is The Pit Run.

Pit Encounter
You’ll have to find your way through a maze of darkness, all while being attacked from all sides by an endless army of level 30 thralls, and occasional exploding thralls. While walking, you will be hit with a debuff called Weight of Darkness, or something. It stacks up to 10 times, and the more you have on you, the more it prevents you from running or double jumping, until you only have normal movement speed and single jumps.

There are large lanterns along the way that you can light by attacking them, and stay in the light to cleanse the debuffs very slowly. After a set amount of time, the lanterns EXPLODE, killing any nearby, hive or guardian. Dying also removes the debuffs, but someone will have to revive you.

When you get to the end, you’ll have to stand on a platform until the bridge forms. You will be attacked by thralls, knights, and ogres. If the bridge forms, just run across, don’t worry about fallen teammates. Just run to the light and end the first part.

The pit run is for me the most fun part of this whole raid, makes me feel like I’m in a bad ass action movie. Nothing better than running through mobs of thralls guns blazing with your friends. Here are some tips that have made this part of the raid very easy for me.


If you’re running the Hunter class its recommended to use the bladedancer subclass but make sure you remove all abilities that will make you invisible as they will make you weigh of darkness x20. The showstopper perk is key as you can get rid of big mobs of thralls with one strike and since you will be killing so much at once the encore perk is also a must have. The last perk that you should always have equipped is fleet footed as it increases your maximum sprint speed and extends your slide distance.

For the warlock I like the sunsinger subclass, equipped with solar grenade, radiant will and and fireborn. Now they will be other players that will say your trash for using self revive, don’t listen to them. The ability to come back to life when your fireteam is in trouble, and come in spamming solar grenades to keep mobs of enemies away from them is one of the best things you can do, not to mention being the one that’s saves your team from wiping.

Now for the one and only titan class, with this class you can go either way attacker or defender. If you don’t have the Helm of Saint 14 I suggest going with the strike subclass to get rid of massive mobs with your Fist of Havoc. But if you have the Helm of Saint 14 you must and I do mean MUST go with the defender subclass and here is why. With the helm of saint 14 any enemy that enters your bubble will be blinded, your enemies can’t kill what they can’t see, now add armor of light to that and you have a combination that makes you nearly unstoppable. This is especially helpful for when you reach the bridge, just pop that bubble on the platform to form the bridge and watch your enemies stop in their tracks. Did I also mention you will be shielded from those nasty ogres?

Video of how use the Helm of Saint 14:

Well that’s all I have for you guys today, I hope this small guide helped you. Stay tuned for more tips n tricks from Destiny and for the rest of the raid here at SGO. Good luck Guardians!


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