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Destiny’s 1st Expansion “The Dark Below” Detailed

the dark below expansion destiny sgo

New info released today detailing Destiny 1st’s Expansion “The Dark Below”. It adds brand new content for PvP & PvE as well as some fixes that Destiny fans have been asking for.

  • Expansion releases December 9th
  • Raises level cap to 32
  • Bounty slots increased from 5 to 10
  • Adds new armour, weapons and gear to the game, as well as new legendary and exotic quality items
  • Three new PVP maps will be added. Close quarters map The Pantheon is set in a Vex temple inside the Black Garden. Another smaller map is called The Cauldron, an abandoned Hive ritual site. There’s also a new vehicle-based map called Skyshock, an old interplanetary defence array
  • One new strike will be added for all players, called The Will of Crota. PlayStation players get an extra strike called The Undying Mind, set in the Black Garden
  • New Raid added “The Will of Crota
  • 3 new story missions provided by Eris, a new vendor character in the Tower, with a pretty interesting story to tell, that you’ll be able to experience and play through once you buy the DLC. She’s going to send you on a mission against the Hive to help stop Crota and his efforts to invade and take over the Solar System.

Checkout some screenshots below from the Expansion:

Destiny The Dark Below sgo




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