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Full Details on Creative Attacks in NHL 18

NHL 18

One of the biggest new gameplay features for NHL 18 is the addition of all new Creative Attack dekes.

These new moves include one-handed dekes, between-the-legs passes and shots, and even more dangerous toe-drags, among other moves. The new feature allows players to take full control over what you do with the puck, giving the ability to pull of the best chain of dekes possible to get a prime scoring chance.

To give fans a deeper look into the new feature, EA Sports put out a blog detailing everything you could want to know about this new way to play in NHL 18.

From EA Sports:


Deke branching gives you control to choose how you string deke combinations together into fluid dangles based on moment-to-moment decisions and reaction time.

In NHL® 18, you can perform different moves from each state you are in before deking. This allows you to react to the defender’s position and use a Creative Attack Deke to get around them. For example, when you’re in the toe drag state you can choose to go off your near skate, put the puck between your legs, or flip back to the forehand side to dodge defenders.

Additionally, the new deke branching allows you more control with moves like putting the puck off your skates. You can now target what direction you want to go with the puck using the left stick in your deke, allowing you more creative control over your moves in the game.


Between The Legs

Over the past few years, players have been pulling off highlight reel plays by passing or shooting the puck between their legs. In NHL® 18, you will be able to pull off the exact same moves that you see NHL stars leveraging to create different passing and shooting lanes.

Backhand Heel Drag

The Backhand Heel Drag is a powerful move when used properly. You can use it to outwait a goalie or defender to get around them, take a wrist shot or pulling off a cheeky flip to beat the goalie against the momentum of the play.

One-Handed Tucks

NHL players are always finding a way to pull off a creative finish to their dekes, and that includes the classic one-handed tuck. In NHL® 18, you can do a one-handed deke to cut around a defender or go for a stylish one-handed tuck deke that goes against your momentum like you see happen on breakaways and in shootouts at the NHL level. Timing is key with these moves as the speed and direction of which you are skating will make or break how successful the deke is.


Creative Attack Dekes in NHL® 18 range in difficulty. Some dekes, like toe drags and windmill dekes, are easier to pull off. Others, like the old favorite Tap-Back Deke, are harder to pull off but come with a greater reward.

Knowing when to pull off a deke is just as important as being able to pull the move off. When you are deking, you are more vulnerable to body checks and stick checks. If you make a mistake, your opponent can strike on a counter-attack.

Additionally, player attributes also have an impact on their ability to pull off the new creative attack dekes. They could lose the puck outright, flub the deke mid move or have their shots and passes impacted at a higher rate the lower their skill and the less control you have going into the move.

It takes time, practice, and skill to pull of the correct moves. They’re more effective with the more ice you have and will let the player’s skill shine in authentic 3-on-3 EASHL.

NHL 18 launches on September 15 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those who preorder the game’s deluxe edition will gain access to the game three days earlier on September 12.

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