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Dunk Lords Heads to Steam on March 18

A new indie basketball game will be launching on Steam this March, as Dunk Lords is set to be released on March 18.

Dunk Lords Coming to Steam

Dunk Lords, developed by Story Font LLC, is a game that features two-on-two basketball play, and promises to feature “the fast and fun gameplay of arcade basketball with the over-the-top combat and special moves of fighting games.” Gamers can choose from one of 16 characters (as well as four hidden characters), each of which has unique abilities.

Dunk Lords features three game modes, Arcade, Gauntlet, and Story Mode. Arcade Mode gives gamers the chance to play games locally with 1-4 players, and players can also use the Remote Play Together function on Steam. The focus of Story Mode is on Slice, a young talent who looks to become a “true” Dunk Lord. Additionally, gamers in Gauntlet mode have to win four games in a row, and the larger the victory, the larger the score.

Here are some more details on the game:

  • 20 playable characters, each with their own special moves, passive ability, and stats.

  • 45 different equipment items (15 gloves, 15 shoes, and 15 armors), each with a powerful ability to change the game.

  • 15 unique courts filled with diverse power-ups and tricky obstacles.

  • Original soundtrack featuring over 20 new songs by Plants vs. Zombies composer Laura Shigihara.

Dunk Lords will be released on March 18 on Steam for $19.99 USD. A release for the Xbox One is expected in the coming months.



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