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Dunk Lords For PC and Windows Puts New Spin On Playground Basketball

Dunk Lordz

A lot of us have fond memories of playing the classic blacktop playground-style basketball games such as NBA Jam and NBA Street. A new video game developer, Story Fort, is putting a new spin on the classic “high flying” and “superhuman” basketball games with their new title Dunk Lords.

Dunk Lords

Dunk Lords will be available, initially, only on PC/Windows. It seems like it will offer players a combination of NBA Jam and NBA Street with a small mix of WWE 2K.

There are over 16 characters to choose from. Each has their own abilities unique to their style of basketball. Gameplay is 5-on-5 basketball, but that’s where the realistic similarities end. Dunk Lords‘ characters include human, superhuman, monster, a humanoid bear and a mutated tomato.

The game offers players the ability to attack one another with ferocious moves, smacks and violent slams. In addition, the playground environments are littered with various obstacles and booby traps. It’s just as important to take out your opponent as it is to score buckets in Dunk Lords. The game’s are fast paced, quick, and brutal.


There are a few different game modes in Dunk Lords. Campaign mode can be played solo or in cooperation with another player. Campaign mode also reveals the backstory of an extremely talented player aptly named Slice. Follow Slice as he tries to win games and climb the ladder to a local championship title.


Dunk Lords also offers an arcade mode. Arcade mode allows players to play quick single matches against the CPU or AI. However, it also allows you to start up a multiplayer contest where up to four of your friends can join in.

Dunk Lords is expected to hit the PC and Windows market in March of 2018. Stay tuned to SGO for all the latest sports gaming news and analysis.

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