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Zombies in Rocket League? Dying Light DLC Incoming

Rocket League content

With the newest mish-mash of Dying Light and Rocket League content, we finally have a winning combination that was long overdue: vehicles and zombies.

The creators behind Rocket League and Dying Light teamed up to bring some truly different material to both games that features content from their counterpart. As of right now, you can go to this website and enter “LightMyRocket” to get a Rocket League skin for the buggies introduced in the Dying Light: The Following content.

Psyonix, the studio behind Rocket League, has not released their Dying Light downloadables as of yet.

Techland, the development studio behind Dying Light, issued this statement regarding Rocket League’s future content as wall as an explanation for the staggered release:

“The Dying Light items mentioned in the press release for Rocket League are coming later this year. We were excited to get something Rocket League-related in our game for our recent expansion, The Following. Psyonix will be including Dying Light Garage items in a future update. More details to come about those at a later date.”

Stay tuned to SGO for more details.

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