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EA Pulls FIFA Microtransactions Ad From Children’s Magazine


A Twitter thread hit the internet this week pointing out an ad for FIFA 21 microtransactions. Now, EA and its microtransactions are nothing new. This time, however, the recent backlash is due to the ad being found in a children’s toy magazine.

Normally, a generic FIFA 21 ad would not be problematic. However, this ad specifically draws attention to the use of FIFA Points. Players purchase these in-game points using real money. With them, players can buy FUT packs which provide random virtual players for their Ultimate Teams mode.

In a statement to Eurogamer, EA commented saying the company would be reviewing future media placements. The company further admitted such advertisements were inappropriate for a toy section in a children’s magazine. Additionally, EA is also working closely with Smyths to ensure further advertisements of such are not distributed in any remaining copies of the 2020 catalogue.

Although the ad has been pulled, it is unclear how it got there in the first place. If the statements given by EA are taken at face value, the ad should have been nowhere near toy magazines. Perhaps it was an oversight. However, EA typically comes off strongly in favor of its microtransaction experiences. So, one might question whether the company is sorry for making a genuine mistake or simply sorry they got caught.

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