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EA Sports Considering Subscription Services Over Annual Launches

Madden 18

Let’s face it, every year we ask the question if the newest Madden or FIFA is worth another $60 or is it just a simple content update. During an interview with Bloomberg, EA chief Andrew Wilson seemingly unexpectedly declared that the company might drop annual sports game releases in favor of subscription services.

Subscription Services For EA Sports Games

According to Wilson, instead of buying franchise like FIFA or Madden annually, you might be required to pay a regular fee to download new content to keep it up-to-date. The EA executive mentioned the example of Madden NFL Mobile. The game released three years ago on Android and iOS. It has yet to release a new version. Instead, it updates and refreshes the existing game at the beginning of every season. He notes the user base has continued to grow.

Additionally, Wilson argued that the shift toward internet-distributed content makes this switch possible. Same we the subscription model is changing the way we watch TV or listen to the music. Why not treat games like services if customers don’t buy physical copies anymore? Of course, there will be a lot of challenges, but all this seems to be realistic.

Wilson didn’t suggest any specific pricing or timetables. Subscriptions are a rising trend and a viable way to keep money rolling on a regular basis. With the services like the Xbox Game Pass, subscription-based games are not far-fetched. EA Sports has a chance to acquire more customers with the promise of not having to pay every year for a full new installment. Whether it will be convenient for customers depends on the pricing model. However, at most the EA Sports subscription service is speculation at best.

Unforeseen Pros

Whether or not you agree with subscription-based service, there could be huge pros. Every physical copy shipped cost EA a minimum of $1. FIFA 17 sold an estimate 7 million units within its first week. EA may have saved a minimum of $7,000,000 with a subscription-based service. EA could put that money into a variety of places. Ultimately, more money equals better games. Possibly.

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